• Here's the picture.
  • Sure, he looks a little silly - but it will grow back in no time. And then you can groom him more regularly and keep it from happening again :)
  • Yep. Looks pathetic and silly. The dog doesn't look to happy about it either. I'm gonna go with your husband on this one.
  • Well...the good news is that hair grows back, LOL. At least the mats in his coat are gone:)
  • Oh poor pup. He's naked. I hope his coat grows back okay especially as winter is coming around, at least in this part of the world. We have double-coated dogs, newfoundlands and I'd never shave them as it ruins the guard or outer hairs and the coat just is never the same, though I've been tempted to a few times and we've got a really hairy dog and grooming takes hours of time.
  • Aw! He looks pissed! Haha! Yes, he does look a little silly, especially the lion's tail (hehe), but he still looks adorable!
  • Don't laugh at him. He probably feels foolish enough. I have to get my little Maltipoo done once in a while and he tries to hide for the first day or two. I have never heard of anyone doing a shepherd. I have a large breed Malamute and wouldn't dream of doing him. Double coat. But not to worry, your dog's hair will grow back fast.
  • Awwwww, poor baby, he looks pretty pathetic, but I would to if someone shaved me bald, LOL. From here on out I would use a detangler spray or conditioner on him, when you give him a bath, also try to brush them as much as you can to keep it from doing that again.
  • Start giving him 2 raw eggs each week, his coat will 'self clean' yo...
  • Heh! He'll regain his dignity as soon as the hair regrows! What a picture! I used to have a Black Lab and I'd cut his hair short in the summer. Not shave, more like a crew cut. He used to LOVE the attention he got during the clipping, because it took a while to do it and he got to lay there and be pampered the whole time! And it was cooler for him in the summer, as well.
  • I can see why the old man is shaking his head..but i will grow back soonish,and at least you got the matts out
  • It'll grow back, just keep him brushed. He looks happier!
  • OH dear.. poor doggie!! lol.. never mind it will soon grow back Lori, he does look kinda fed up mind you lol
  • Bravo Lori- He doesn't look that bad. Trust me I have to do the same with my two sometimes and it's like they want to hide with one ear's side 4 " shorter etc.... You did good
  • He looks better than a dog with mats!
  • I think hes adorable bald or not but I thinks hes not feeling it! My dog gets knots all the time *rescues mutt not sure what breeds* Give him Vitamin e capsule in his food they will help smooth out his hair and make it easier to manage. Not too many they do have blood thinning properties one a day should suffice
  • "Pathetic" So, is he talking to you again or did he run away?:)
  • He doesn't look as bad as I expected. And it will grow back quickly.

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