• Someone who has a raging sense of entitlement....they don't know a person, but calls them words like self-absorbed, douche, telling them to drop dead etc. Also yells at people to google something, there is no rule saying that...this question I have got some good answers regarding that:
  • Someone who continually asks questions, pointless, mind numbingly stupid questions, just to make the most inquisitive each week.
  • A mind's width is relative; and in a "Question & Answer" site such as AB, the width of the users minds is totally irrelevant, since the site's goal is to explore the extremes; this said, narrow-minded would be anyone who believes that someone else is narrow minded. Quoting Freedom Issues, to me "Someone who has a raging sense of entitlement....they don't know a person, but calls them words like self-absorbed, douche, telling them to drop dead etc." is not narrow-minded, but rather utterly and callously rude!
  • Definitely the over zealous religious types. I've seen some pretty narrow minded responses quoting the bible. If you have a subject that you don't approve of, don't answer. You have no right subjecting a negative, condescending scripture instead of an insightful suggestion. An example question was "Does anyone know a good medium in Vancouver" I got quotes from the bible about it being a sin blah blah blah. I didn't post it in the "Hey bible people what do you think" section.
  • those that skim through questions and never answer them they just DR anything that they don't like but then go upscore people they do like regardless of how innane their questions or answers are. Especially when they DR questions that are a matter of opinion and could not be technically right or wrong. Lets face it, it's a popularity contest.
  • Believe it or not, I have found a few science trolls... If that counts...
  • Those that decide that just because they believe something, it's true, ie, that men have one less rib than women.
  • Everyone is narrow minded and biased about something in their own way. Even people who embrace black sheep imperatives and have a very decent idea of opposing conformity probably treat the mainstream the same as the mainstream people treat the obscure. It doesn't have much to do with preferences and interest, I think being "narrow minded" merely helps to dictate and narrow down your priorities and center in life-whether that's good or bad, everyone does it. :/ I like to try and see all sides of everything, but sometimes it's hard. I would answer the sort of people who use Bible quotes to answer things and relegate everything to verses, sometimes I wonder if they even understand what the hell it is they're quoting. But whether God's real or not, The Bible is old, it has to have some sort of sense and wisdom in it somewhere, or at the very least, it's a testament to a big majority of humanity's history, in a sense. Though I don't always see it because I always dismiss it as lulz. XD So while I could blame a buncha people and use them as examples, doing so probably doesn't make me much better. :/
  • There's a few who "ask questions" but actually use them to make a statement, which is usually one-sided, and flaming. Specifically, political questions. Such as the following..
  • I hate questions like this because without fail somebody with a bone to pick comes along and unleashes their wrath on somebody or a group of people they dislike. Then they hide behind the excuse "I was just answering the question" as if that makes bashing other users acceptable. It's not. I will stick with defining what I consider narrow minded in general if that's OK with you :) People who cannot see anything but what they believe and refuse to consider alternatives to their way of thinking as a result. These people are not receptive to accepting the view, opinions, and beliefs of others. Essentially, they go through life with blinders on. I can't imagine that is very much fun.
  • Without naming names? ____ ____ ________ is a bit of a narrow-minded ass as is __ ______-_________ ___ __ is also a dink. Oh, and _____ ______ ___ ________.
  • we all are narrow-minded depends on the issue. :)

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