• What a great question, Yogi I'll tell you a little secret. What the Bible teaches about hell and what the churches teach are so radically different that they have nothing in common. Many translations use 'hell' to translate the original words 'sheol', 'hades', 'gehenna'. Sheol and Hades are the same thing, Gehenna quite different. The Scriptures plainly teach that hades and sheol are the common grave of all mankind, righteous and wicked. It is a state of unconsciousness and inactivity (Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10). These words are often translated 'grave' and 'pit'. Hell was once a good word because it comes from the same root as 'hole' and 'hull', places of concealment. (Soon i will find the verses that back my statements and post them.) Rather than being a place of suffering, 'hell' is actually a 'place' (condition) of protection for those who have died. The churches have twisted the meaning of the word to that it now conjures up ideas of fire and devils and eternal torture. Nothing could be further from the truth. They also teach that hell is forever. The Bible teaches that this is a temporary condition. All those in hell will one day waken to a new world in which they will be educated and given the chance to choose whether they want everlasting life on a paradise earth or eternal death, non-existence. Many of my loved ones, including my parents, are in the Bible hell. This doesn't bother me because i know that they are sleeping a deep sleep and that one day God will rouse them from that sleep to enjoy life free from the pains that interrupted their lives. This brings us to Gehenna. It takes its name from an ancient valley that was used as a garbage dump and grave yard for the vilest criminals considered unworthy of a decent burial. Once something was thrown into Gehenna, it was never retrieved, but forgotten for all time. This makes it a fitting picture of the condition of anyone or anything judged as unfit for existence, totally irreformable and useless. The last Bible book, Revelation, tells us that even Hades (hell) will eventually be thrown into the 'lake of fire', equivalent to Gehenna, because there will be no use for such a thing (grave of mankind) after it is emptied. Human death was not part of God's purpose; it came to be through rebellion. The day will come in which mankind is restored to perfection and inherited death will no longer exist. Those who deliberately rebel against the universal good will have not place. They will go out of existence, not suffering agony, but simply not being-as if they had never been born. This description is very general and leaves many questions unanswered, but i hope it's a start. To recap: 'Hell' is not a place of torture and is not eternal. It is the unconscious state of those who have died and await resurrection. There is no everlasting torture or 'hellfire'. The day is coming in which 'hell' will no longer exist. So, to answer your question directly: It is not hard for me to know that many will still go to hell just as many are there now. If i die, i will go to hell and not even know i had been there until i wake. You may well go to hell yourself, but it won't hurt and you will come out again, better than when you entered. You sleep every day and waken again. If you shun the unChristian notion of a burning place of torture and see 'hell' for what it really is, you will have no worries about it. The clear Bible teaching is refreshing and encouraging.
  • Yes it is hard to go around believing so many will go to hell, that's why we work so hard to get out the Gospel message.
  • It is the harsh truth,and that is why Christians preach the gospel so much.See were not trying to shove it down unbelievers throats,but cause we know what awaits those who reject Christ.
  • No, 'cos I don't believe that everyone goes to hell. Hell is for people like Hitler or Stalin.
  • Definition of hell is relative; we (Christian or not) all lived or have faced some form of hell here and now ---- much less the afterlife. Let's concentrate on loving/respecting/helping our fellow man here and now...
  • its their choice, i cant make that decision for them, even god gives them free will
  • The Bible clearly states that many people will choose the wide gate. The reasons people choose this wide gate are clear. Matthew 7:13 "Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many."
  • I was raised Christian and never believed that judgemental crap, My nature is to appreciate the common ground of goodness in all different faiths. I would rather hang out with an open minded atheist than a closed minded "believer".
  • Considering so few Christians, even by their own standards, will be in nothing but hell - most find their asinine assertions laughable. It's God - not Jesus or people - who decides on the destination.
  • Not our decision to make
  • thats their choice, i try not to think about it
  • Revelation 12:9 says that Satan the Devil was hurled down to the earth along with the demons. Based on this scripture, it is clear that satan is here among us. Do you see Satan’s influence on humankind and the planet?
  • Though all translations of the Bible refer to the gates of Heaven. I believe -being narrow- that it is so to the point that we'd half-to pass through in a single file line; through a single gate. The gates of Hell -on the other hand- are wide enough to allow a massive torrent of souls to flow through. Having designed them as such; God KNOWS most are going to Hell and only a few will arrive at the pearly gate into Heaven. It's actually pretty easy for me to believe this.

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