• If you mean a Point Farmer, maybe. For some, yes. But for a few I will answer them to help add information to the database here but I will not give them full points.
  • No, points are not my primary reason for answering a question. The question has to appeal to me in some way and it doesn't matter who is asking it. Points are nice to receive but I probably give them more than I get them. I like to give people points for good answers as well as good questions, regardless of whether they give points or not.
  • i never pay attention to that. so ~ no.
  • No; I'm a lot less likely to answer a question if the asker is a point-grubber, asking endless variations of the same question just to rack up points. I might answer their question and give them 0 points, or ignore it completely. Then there are the questions that could be answered with a 0.0005 second Google search, which are not useful in the slightest, but are just banal and trivial. Not you, but a certain leaderboard person or two come to mind with these two types of questions . . . .
  • I've become a lot more reluctant - there's one in particular who I do avoid now because it's "pointless", literally, and s/he's rude! If I know that the person doesn't point up, I might answer and not give, but that would make me feel mean, as I always give... but I won't DR either. And I don't agree with answering questions that can be looked up easily on Google or that should be looked up in a text book!!
  • I would answer any question I know its answer..
  • No, if I know the answer to the question or it's appealing to me I don't mind answering it and giving points even if I know it's just for the points and they don't give back. I really don't think it's that serious. And so what if you can google it, some AB'rs just like to interact with other members and there's nothing wrong with that.
  • Yes, but all my friends usually give me the max, so I don't really know of many, but at least it's better then a person asking a question and not giving any points!
  • If I like the question, I amswer it! plain and simple : O )
  • If it's an extremely obvious question and clear the person doesn't even want to interact on answerbag then I probably won't bother..
  • No, but I am less likely to answer if they never leave a comment. That would lead me to believe that they hadn't read the answer.
  • i will answer them if i have an answer and its a good question.. i dont judge the question on who asks it, only on the quality
  • I will answer the question.
  • Nah, I don't really pay attention to that. I just answer.
  • No. I answer the questions because they appeal to me, points have nothing to do with my answers..........
  • I know who you are referring to, I don't ever answer his questions because the points don't cost him a cent yet he is very stingy with them. Best regards.
  • Do I look like I keep a record of what other people on this website do? That's not a diary I'd be proud of.

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