• I've been accused of BEING Satan for being heartless. But being called posessed for not beleiving in him? I think it would make more sense if you were posessed to be worshipping him. If you didn't believe in him, why the hell would you be posessed??
  • Not yet.
  • Well, not for that reason, but I have been accused of being possessed before, and being told that I had demons inside of me.
  • Never had the pleasure...
  • Nope! I think I would have walked the other way, and started talking to someone else on the street about how they better avoid THAT route- there's a loony on the loose.
  • I went into a chat room, and just for kicks and jollies, I exclaimed that president Bush is the best president that ever lived, and I got several people calling me the spawn of Satan, and many more just out right swearing at me. Sadly, most of them appear to have been kids who don't even know why they hate Bush. Oh well, I guess even kids like to go with the flow... As far as being called Satan for not believing in him goes, no that has never happened to me.
  • Yes, and I told Babycakes she really has to stop doing that. I'm just a little moody sometimes;)
  • no but if they did i would put a bag over my head and run ha!
  • Oh no cause I believe in that sucker.
  • No I haven't but when I was a biker, I had people lock the car doors when I walked passed and had others actually cross the street and walk down the opposite sidewalk to avoid passing by me. That doesn't count as the same thing but I found it amusing. :)
  • You know what? That DID happen to me for real! Not because I made any statements of not believing in Satan...but in my teenage years I was kinda Gothy looking, and there I was leaning against a church that I liked going to, just standing there having a smoke, and some old guy on a bike rides by and goes-I thought you were the Devil! He had a big smile on his face, and when I looked at him, the smile faded and he goes, I was only joking, and he just rides off. Lol that was odd.
  • Not quite, but I do find that odd. My pentacle has had people accuse me of similar things, though.
  • LoL, a demon would do that. LoL....Lmao. IF you dont believe in satan, look at that women, you dont believe he has her?!?!? LoL. (seriously)
  • No. People tend not to scream at me for any reason. I would probably laugh.
  • No, but I've had bibeles thrown at me and been accused of being a Satanist, when I don't even believe in Satan.

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