• Doesn't bug me in the least. I'm not doing anything illegal (ok, well, I did have some moonshine recently!) or even anything interesting. In fact, if the government wants to listen to my phone calls, that's alright by me too. I bet they'd be bored out of their minds. I lead a fairly simple life, love my family, pay my taxes, and that's about it. If someone wants to watch, that's good for them. And, although I rarely think about the possibility of having a crime done to me or my family, it's nice to know that it will probably be on video when and if it happens so that the person can be caught and brought to justice.
  • I would prefer them not to be all over the place.Where is the right to privacy as stated in the constitution?
  • I don't mind them (I've always been of the mind-set that, if you're not doing anything wrong, why worry?), but, just recently, I have come to find out that more and more of these cameras are being slipped into restrooms, locker-rooms, etc., and I do have a MAJOR problem with THAT! It seems there is always someone out there who takes advantage of the situation, and ruins a good, safe thing.
  • They are everywhere and I think it has gone too far. It is too 1984-ish.
  • Sometimes they make me feel safer but generally, what are they going to do to save me... if someone wants to kill me, they will be able to watch it but not save me
  • Its cool to me. I got nothing against it until I see one in my own apartment.
  • I heard that after they installed a grid of cameras in England several years back, that crime actually increased.
  • Way too much like 1984. Frankly, I can't stand it when someone says, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." (Or various permutations thereof.) I don't have anything to hide, but that doesn't mean I want a bunch of people watching me or listening to private conversations. I'm a human being, not a zoo animal. Sometimes when I see a security camera I have to fight off an urge to yank down my pants and moon the thing. That would traumatise anyone watching! :-)
  • Im glad there are more. They can potentially save some people from being victims of crime. Its not like we are wearing microphones, I dont feel like they are an invasion of privacy.
  • Yes! Way too much Big Brother. Who knew that "1984" and "Idiocracy" would become prophecies more accurate than Nostradamus?!
  • I don't mind, as long as they're not in my home or anywhere else that is extremely invasive
  • While I know they mean well and I feel safe with them around, the world is getting too secure.

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