• not to watch it... it brainwashes me, makes me lazier and lethargic... anyone else experience that? TV makes me dumb
  • Become a puppet. I am glad that television is no longer in my life. Got my brains back in place now. My 2 cents.
  • That when two people who are from and live in a country where English isn't a primary, or even secondary, language, they still prefer to talk to each other in English when in private.
  • Not to watch it much. It will destroy you.
  • The value of a good night's sleep.
  • All problems can be solved in 30 minutes or less. Also, try Gleem!
  • dont mess with the cops
  • How good it actually is outdoors ... You can miss your world stuck in front of a box. :)
  • That it was a rip off just like everything else, In the 50's and 60's they told us that all you had to do was buy the TV and the advertizers payed for the programming, Then in the late 70's came cable. You couldn't get most programming without paying for cable by the mid 80's so not only were the advertizers paying but now that you were hooked on TV you were paying also. I haven't watched TV since 1984. I'm not going to pay to be brainwashed, I have a friend who believes it is a brainwash box as well, His favorite line about TV is "Why do you think they call it TV programming?" I love that one.
  • How to be lazy
  • That it's okay to use the OFF button!
  • I have to confess that I have actually learned a lot from television - especially public television. I have been able to visualize some aspects of history that I could not fully appreciate from a book. I have learned some cool tricks for cooking. The series on string theory was helpful to my understanding of physics. I even learn from children's television. But the most important lesson is to turn it off, stand up, and walk away. I enjoy television, but I must ration it.
  • How bias people can be, how advertisement tries to persuade. How to tune it out or change the channel.
  • How to use the off button.:)
  • There are no cookies in the library! :-(
  • How they can manipulate ANY story on the news and make people believe what "they" want you to believe and also how brainwashing and subliminal messages/advertising really works...and they really work!
  • Television has taught me many many things. i watched 3-2-1- contact, the next step, the wood wright's shop, this old house, educational programing on PBS about every thing from art to physics, historical shows like conquest (about the weapons, armor and tactics used throughout history by different groups), mail call (military history), modern marvels, Rome: Engineering an Empire, Tactical to Practical, Tales of the Gun, Extreme Machines, How Do They Do It?, That's Incredible, Invention, MythBusters, Patent Bending, wild america, mind extension university, sesame street, Reading Rainbow , Square One Television, Nova, Yan Can Cook and a lot of other great educational programs. most important thing though was to never take any information as perfect and beyond reproach. people once believed the world was flat, bacon and eggs were good for you and the solar system had 9 planets. science is an inexact science and is offend based more on popular theory then hard fact.
  • Sesame Street thaught me that yellow gay birds are not really attracted to retarded elephants.
  • How to find the off switch.
  • That it is possible to get the masses to pay for what was once free.

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