• <BIG> well im a cheerleader. and i say it is a sport because its hard work i mean i hard is it to swing a bat; to bounce a ball; so yell foooooore; :::not a lot of work butt it is work when you have a 100 pound girl over your head... so thats my explanation. peace :]
  • Anything that determines a winner by judging isn't a sport. Cheerleading competitions are manufactured anyway, so again it's not a sport. It's an athletic activity that requires a lot of athletic ability to do right, so saying it's not a sport isn't denigrating cheerleading in any way. It's just not generally a competitive activity with an objective way of determining a winner.
  • What points do you get? How do you "win?" Is it a team or individual activity? Sure, it's athletic, but a sport - I disagree. Of course, when you have competitions, you get points, and someone "wins," but that's not when most cheerleading takes place. And if that's your criteria, then a drum core tourney is a sport, and so is a car or dog show.
  • I don't think it's a sport. You can't win, and there is no to it. Cheerleading purpose is to cheer on teams PLAYING a sport, so...I don't see how a sport can exist just to support another I suppose.
  • Because cheerleading is cheering...or leading cheers, whatever. There is no sport involved in that.
  • I knew a guy cheerleader in university, man was he embarrassing.
  • For the same reasons sex isn't a sport. Sure it's a workout, and yes you get sweaty. However a sport doesn't need an arbitrary judge.
  • If having a judge is your reason for discrediting then gymnastics is not a sport either.
  • Because anyone can easily learn how to do it.
  • Cheerleading is a sport. People say "Anything that determines a winner by judging isn't a sport" Our judges in cheerleading are like reffs in any other sport. In basketball, the reff JUDGES if the ball was carried, if the player hit the other player causing a foul, the reff judges that kind of stuff, just like in cheerleading. We follow rules just like any other sport. By doing a certain amount of stunts, tumbling ect.. we gain points, just like in hockey, by making plays and if preformed well enough, you gain advantages and goals; same goes for cheerleading. The judges have a rubric to follow for our points. for ex: if we throw up a full heel stretch perfectly we gain points, if a basketball player does a lay-up he/she gains 2 points, if we fall from a stunt or touch down while tumbling we get points off and we are at a disadvantage and must work harder to regain what we lost, if a hockey player makes an improper check he/she get a penalty meaning the remaining team mates on the ice must work harder to get back on top. Define sport: "an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition" that is the result of a search on of the definition of sport and cheerleading fits that exactly. "Cheerleading isn’t in the Olympics?" No it is not, but that doesn’t mean is a sport. Do you see football in the Olympics? How about field hockey, not even rugby. Does that mean they are not sports either? They are, as is cheerleading. As for our uniforms, hair and makeup? It is the same as jerseys. You do not see an NHL team on the ice at a big game all in different colors and jerseys. Cheerleading is no different; we wear our uniforms to present ourselves well. Our hair is up, for safety. It is unsafe to have hair in our faces, just like it is unsafe to play hockey minus the helmet or football without the pads. Someone said: "Because cheerleading is cheering...or leading cheers, whatever. There is no sport involved in that." Wrong, that is what cheerleading may have been years and years and years ago, cheering at games but not now. Dallas cheerleaders, are not cheerleaders, they are dancers that dance and cheer for the team. Cheerleading is 100% different from cheering. Yes we do say a "cheer" in the middle of the routine, but that is just part of it, just like half time at a game, is football not a sport because they take a break in the middle? No, half time is simply part of the sport as is the cheer section in our routines. In conclusion cheerleading is most defiantly a sport.
  • When in doubt, turn to Webster's Dictionary, which defines sport as: "physical activity engaged in for pleasure"; "a particular activity (as hunting or an athletic game) so engaged in". That covers a lot - including cheerleading.

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