• The one reason I would consider it is for the different points of view that ABers have. For factual information, I would say no.
  • Possibly. What is interesting about this place is the many different answers you can get to one question. Depending on the question type. For questions that dont have a "right" or "wrong" answer, you basically make a poll, and see what is most popular, and what the most popular choices are, as well as the least popular . For fact based questions, you will see the right answer, usually, and some details. As well as other answers that provide more information, like a history of the subject...
  • Yep. I would point to specific answers.
  • indeedyfacto
  • I would only use AB as a source of documenting public opinion...not fact. I've seen enough incorrect answers that I wouldn't want to risk repeating misinformation.
  • I guess I'm burning out a bit, seeing people come to AB for factual answers that they could as easily get from Google or Wiki. Or READING the textbook! If there are more complex factual questions, I'm glad to contribute from my areas of expertise.
  • Of course. I would use anything at my disposal.
  • Yes, I would for any report that would include a chapter of the unreliability of the internet.
  • 1) Only with some precautions. There is no directive on Answerbag that the information given has to be true or even checked. If some answers contain referenced information, it will certainly be possible to use that information in a report or in an explanation. 2) "Answerbag cannot guarantee the accuracy of answers submitted by members, and we recommend that you use common sense when following any advice found here." "THE SITE MAY CONTAIN ADVICE, OPINIONS, INSTRUCTIONS AND STATEMENTS FROM ANSWERBAG, ITS USERS AND OTHER INFORMATION PROVIDERS. THIS CONTENT IS FOR INFORMATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. YOU USE THE SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK. WE STRONGLY URGE YOU TO CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL OR SOME OTHER AUTHORITY IN THE APPROPRIATE FIELD BEFORE USING ANY OF THE CONTENT ON THE SITE. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, ANSWERBAG MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE OPERATION OF THE SITE OR THE INFORMATION OR CONTENT INCLUDED ON THE SITE. " Source and further information:
  • Hahahahahahaha!! Sure, right. And use Aunt Minnie's hairdresser as a source too. When credentials become a prerequisite for posting here, then come back and ask this question again. BTW, I'm a retired PhD. college professor, and currently a professional editor and researcher.
  • Not without checking out the source, which is preferably someplace off the web. It occasionally has some good leads but ususally is just opinions and the sort of self-absorbed awe that you'd get if you gave an ape a mirror.
  • For factual information, oh Christ no. Not saying people are always wrong, by far, I'm sure a lot of the answers can be trusted on, but the point is that whatever intent this site has, or has had, it's more a collection of opinion and online drama than it is an actual database of assorted and random but factual knowledge. The line between the two seems far too great to point out AB as a legitimate source of information about anything. *Small but matter of fact voice* ...except zombies.
  • Perhaps if I was going to do an interview or a survey and use it in a report for school....I think I could get away with that. That's about as much as I could do.
  • Yes ...only once. I had Questionaire list to fill from one from the company I appplied for a job. They wanted me to submit it before the next step (real interview)I did not get a call for the interview though...LOL.

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