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  • well here is a start to ensure no embarrassment , eat prunes around 2 hours before having it and then about 30 - 40 mins before preparing your bum for anal go to the loo ( if you get me :-) ) ... the prunes should of helped to push everything forward so there is nothing lurking at the back that will be able to spill. when you have done this grab some good lube ( ky jelly is good ) or alternativly vaseline is very good espiecially the aloe vera one :-)... and rub around your anus down to your vagina ( incase anything rips or tears ..) and finally make sure his penis is all lubed up ready for you including his balls. anything else just ask hope i have helped :-)
  • Just one thing ... want to! Everything else is just a matter of lube and patience.
  • First you must locate the anle. I have checked several anatomy books but nothing metions the anle. Now if you mean Anal. Want to do it and have plenty of lube!
  • Know how to spell anal, so you don't get it in the wrong place.
  • Anal sex? Yes there are a few important things especially if you are new to it. You need to be very relaxed so have him give you several orgasms vaginally or however before you start anal. Have him use a lot of lubricant before anal and I always put some in myself at my entrance and a little way at the beginning of my anal canal if I know they are going to want anal before any sex starts. Have him go in very gently and slowly and you can help him by pushing out the way you would if you were going to the bathroom. May take a number of times before you learn how to relax enough and for it to feel good as the nerve endings that give us pleasure have to be built up through usage. Though for some of us it feels good from the first time.

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