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  • untill you have had a orgasm. Dont wear it all day! coz your butt hole will get used to it and it wont feel so good. hope that helps.
  • Until you have to crap would be my guess.
  • when i wear mine i use a harness and i have worn mine for 16 hours before. use lots of lube.
  • I also wear a butt plug for extended periods of time, like the whole weekend. I have a rather demanding girlfriend that is enjoying blackmailing me for stealing company money. She has purchased me a locking BUTT PLUG harness with a medium size plug that she demands that I wear every weekend for her or she will notify my company. She has a routine that I must follow or else. Every friday when I get home from work as soon as I open the door she asks me if I'm ready to get that ass filled ? and she has the BUTT PLUG harness & a bottle of lube & the padlocks are layed out and waiting for me on the coffee table in the living room. With no fussing about it I am expected to strip and have the plug inserted in me in 1 minute which she times of course. (bitch) then I have to hand her the padlocks and ask her if she could please put these on for me, which she always says of course with a devious smile. Once locked into the harness she whispers in my ear, that ASS is going to be filled for every second of the entire weekend (bitch)and gives me a smile. Monday morning she unlocks the padlocks and lets me release myself from the harness and asks if I enjoyed my weekend. This has been going on now for seventh months. I hate wekends :(
  • They do have models that are hollwed out with a small hole in the tip to allow gas to pass. This is good for overnight use.
  • you can wear a butt-plug however long you want! Sometimes, i wear one all day. The longest i have been kept plugged was for two months as a punishment. Eventually, your body just kinda gets used to the sensation of the plug and adapts to it. i have met a few bdsm slaves who's Mistresses keep a plug locked in all the time. 24/7 wear is possible, but it may lead to bad consequences.
  • However long you wish! (or are told to! ;P) my Mistress has me wear a plug when i leave the house to go to work. i have it locked in with a harness. Mistress also sends me off to bed plugged for a few nights every week. For extended wear, it is a very good idea to use a harness specifically designed for holding in a buttplug, and please, please, please, lube it up!!
  • It is not a good idea to have your anus streched open for long periods of time. It will become used to that and anal leakage becomes a problem. You will have to do pelvic floor exersices to get that back. I have gone overnight, but no longer.
  • until an orgasm
  • I am a married male and have enjoyed anal toys for years. How long to wear a butt plug depends on the size,I have worn the big Kong for like 2hrs before some medium ones like all day. I have not had any health issues ever from this.
  • I've had one in my ass for at least 4 hours.It was so hot.I could have gone longer
  • I'm sure several hours would be safe, or until you have to "go"
  • It depends on the size
  • I worn a small butt-plug overnight several times, it just help my sphincter to get use to.
  • there lots of factors one as stated it will loosen you up two make sure you are clean as dont need to back things up constipation is not fun three the body gives off gas so need one that will let it out normaly not good hold it in
  • I agree with the 16 hour time. I'm going for 15 hours now with mine. As long as you are comfortable with the end result. I've seen some porn that show womens arse wholes wide open. Yes it also depends on your owner as well as to how long you are to wear a plug. If not owned then it is up to you.

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