• umm, no. I suddenly feel much better about the amount of time I DO spend gaming, which is maybe a dozen hours on lazy weekends, one or two hours maybe during the week, if that.
  • Just the game of life! :)
  • no, and if you do you should seriously look at how much gaming is affecting your life. you need to eat and sleep and socialize with people... :)
  • No, the closest was 16 hours, with Final Fantasy VIII, from 5 in the afternoon to 8 in the morning. Lol that's still pretty bad though.
  • Not quite that long... no
  • are excluding bathroom breaks and food intermissions? if so, then yes. i was really into playing RTS type games and didn't have anything better to do with my time. (Civilization can also do this to me). yes, i'm a gamer. i wast time playing video games, or so a large chunk of the population believes. i say that i'm distracting myself from playing with fire by playing video games ((yeah, i'm also a pyro!)). games are fun, they can be multiplayer, and i learned how to tread water from playing legend of zelda: OOC.

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