• I stopped seeing him after the first date. I don't like feeling resentful when I am trying to have fun.
  • We kept breaking up and getting back together. We broke up for good eventually, it's hard still loving someone that treated you like that >.< One of the times we broke up he told me it was because I always agreed with him and I didn't give him a challenge!! He'd still get pissed if I told him what I thought.
  • I left after the third date.
  • Yes, same thing about wrong if you speak up, wrong if you don't...and when you have a good response you are then told you are crazy. Silly me stayed married 23 years. Been divorced two now and just starting to believe I have value. Still can't make decisions though, but working on that.
  • Yes I have. We broke up. Apparantly I wasn't good enough for him. ;p If you're in this situation, just leave the person. They live to criticize and NOTHING is ever good enough.
  • Yes, in my marriage, I was. I divorced him.
  • Yes, my FORMER friend. Here's the story It sounds like you've met her!
  • You walk away and find different friends. How is it possible you couldn't figure that out?
  • They tried. It didn't work that way. Get out.
  • I thought you meant the leather and lube kind. What you're alluding to is called "bullying" not "dominated".

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