• Dragon duh
  • 1) "a bit like melon or kiwi ... actually the taste is very bland considering how exciting it looks!" Source and further information: 2) "The taste is also fairly melon-like, in that it is bland. Bland, bland, bland and somewhat sweet." Source and further information: 3) " I'm sorry to report that I was a little disappointed. The fruit I bought must have been a little under ripe because it really didn't have much of a taste at all. It certainly tasted nothing like kiwi to me. The texture and consistency of the flesh reminded me of kiwi and also of prickly pear but that's about it. I could just barely detect a sweetness to the fruit and I wonder if had it been riper would it have been sweeter. One thing I did like was the seeds. They were crunchy and each spoonful of flesh yeided a mouthful of seeds for me to pop and crunch between my teeth." Source and further information: 4) "Sure, they look like something from outer space, but its frighteneing facade belies a wonderful taste for which the word "subtlety" was created." "Nose: A very clean and subdued aroma, unlike other fruits. The best I could come up with is sweetened celery or very subdued kiwi. Taste: It's texture is very odd. You can spoon the meat of the fruit out like a melon. It's texture is a bit granular in a veggie kind of way. Its taste? Like a lightly sweetened tapioca. It's also quite watery." Source and further information:

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