• Yes and they don't even have to be personal. My kids will do that to me all the time not really sure what is more annoying them asking me 5oo questions or just saying mom before each one. lol
  • Most of the time I enjoy answering questions - especially about myself. Most people kn ow what is rude to ask and I always have the right not to answer if it is too personal.
  • I'm a bit of a dab hand at answering questions these days, so it doesn't annoy me generally. Personal ones do. Some people need to just accept that I will never tell them everything
  • For me it depends entirely on who is asking, and their reason for asking.
  • I enjoy answering questions of all types. If something is so personal I dont feel comfortable with it, I will just say no and not answer at all.
  • It really depends on the questions.
  • No, I always have the option of not answering.
  • Kind of- but only to an extent that I'd allow. I'm not obligated to answer and and every question asked in my direction.
  • yes... and quit calling at 3am please...ive asked you nicely too many times
  • Yes, especially when they ask me how much money i have.
  • Not really. I like both people and questions.
  • All the time, I can't get people off my #&*# specially about my race/When I tell'em I'm a native american/ They're always go on & on,of how they're native americans. {Every1s grandmother is a full blooded injun'}
  • No, as long as it doesn't bother them when I tell them it's none of their business.:)
  • I kind of like it if people I like do, it makes me feel they're interested. But for others, I don't feel comfortable.
  • Nope. I answer all sorts of questions. Now, if it gets too personal, then I will usually give an overbearing answer, just for the sake of answering.
  • Sometimes. I refer to them as human questionnaires. There are things about me that's best kept between God and I and there are things I'm willing to share with everyone; the two are not the same.
  • It depends on who is asking. Friends can ask away. But coworkers should respect my privacy. Especially with the "got any plans this weekend?" question.
  • Not on here, its a Q&A site! You can always skip the ones you don't want to answer. Now if it were on FB and they're single trying to hook up, yeah! There are dating sites for hooking up, married or single! But I do discuss private aspects of my life openly if I think I can help another in the process.
  • It depends who is asking and how they ask. I don't mind answering questions if the person is interested & it's conversational but I don't like it when it becomes like an interrogation. As for personal things, if it gets too personal I will reply with something like "a gentleman never tells" or "that's my business."

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