• go to yahoo. in search tab write "google search" . there is many site you choose(do not open this site) .right click with title of site(not with - copy shortcut and to your desktop right click -paste shortcut.that it's all . good luck !
  • maybe your antivirus or firefox toolbar blocked this site ,look in settings antivirus or in blocked site toolbar.
  • I assume that you want to start Google in your browswer from an Icon on your desktop. The icon should also be the Google icon. 1) first step: create a link to Google on your desktop. "How to Add a Link to a site on your desktop First, write click while at your computers desktop ( your computers main page). Step2 Next, Choose New and then click New Shortcut. Step3 After that, For the location type the site address then pick done and there you go. " Source and further information: 2) second step: modify the icon of your desktop link to the Google icon: "Change the icon for a particular program. By right clicking on the desktop icon and selecting properties, you can change the icon in the box that pops up by choosing "Change icon." Step4 Create icons for your desktop with such programs as Microsoft Paint or Microangelo. This will improve the look of your desktop since the icons are distinctive. Step5 Find sites that offer free icons for downloading (see Resources below) and add more distinctive icons to your desktop. " Source and further information: Your only problem will be to find a Icon for Google. Here are some ideas:
  • Put Google in your Bookmarks or Favourites. Size your browser window so you can see some of your desktop. Click on Bookmarks/Favourites. Drag the Google entry onto the desktop. Right click the Google desktop shortcut. Click change icon. Navigate to C:Program FilesGoogle and look in the sub-folders for a suitable icon, select it and click OK.
  • How can I add the Google icon to my Desk top.
  • I have been looking and looking for a map of the state of oklahoma but could find none. Just little squares that I had to go sguare to square. And cuold not find a hole picture of a map of the state of oklahoma. I am so upset with the internet. Just stuff for vactions.
  • 1. once you here 2.right click and select create shortcut a box will appear with the following: 3.Do you want to put a short cut to the web site on your desktop Yes No just click the yes box and a google icon will appear on your desktop

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