• probably. but i wonder if it doesnt just make more pain for those who lost loved ones? the media has never had one day tht they havent mentioned it and so how are these ppl supposed to grieve when its in their face all day, everday? i understand memorials are there to honour these ppl but i wonder if it doesnt do a disservice to their families?
  • YES. They have every right to have their own remembrance, just as we do.
  • I suppose it's necessary for those who feel that it is necessary.
  • It is absolutely necessary. It was the the most brutal attack on civilians in United States history. We as a people should remember it. Maybe Im a little partial since I was across the street from the towers when it happened. At the same time what really bothers me is that BinLadens head is not on a plate and the towers have not been rebuilt. That drives me insane. One year later the towers should have been built with a memorial and Binladen should have been hanged.
  • Most people that perish during acts of bravery don't do so on live television. Millions of people witnessed and were affected by the images, so of course there is a public demand for memorializing.
  • I personally do. Then again, I went to Ground Zero - an area that I grew up around - and looked around in shock and horror at the devastation and oblivion of a place, and lives that once were. I am not comparing 9/11 to any other historical event. I feel it unnecessary. I think that what makes 9/11 so incredibly impacting is irrelevant to other crises, horrors, terrorism, mass death. All are extremely painful by their own right. But 9/11 - we as a nation watched -- on live television -- the horror, and the invasion of our own soil. We as a collective human soul understood and watched loss, destruction, and hate. I am from Staten Island, NY. I was not living there when 9/11 happened. I lived in the "safe" distance of a Virginia city. Except, wait... D.C. was also attacked. We all watched on television. No where felt safe. No where made sense. We were disarmed, figuratively and literally, in a specific situation that do no seem comparable. Staten Island reeked of all sorts of deathly, tragic odors for weeks. New York, a true heart of the world, was completely devastated. It still is not the same - I promise you that. Necessary? I remember people jumping out of buildings to not die in a burning building. Fire fighters who collapsed under the wreckage as heroes. There are other stories, but surely, this is the story our country needs to embrace and be unified in. This is America. I was in a high school history class. High school history would never, ever be the same. This issue has changed the fabric of academia because 9/11 has touched and impacted modern society. On the 7 year anniversary, I can most assuredly say, I will always be -- at least for a moment of quiet observance -- where I was on September 11, 2001.
  • If they do anymore memorializing, how could anyone ever forget, give it a rest for Christ sake!
  • I do understand the whole "lets not forget them" issue but if it were my family, i would not want to be reminded of that tragic event every year. They will NEVER forget that day and I just feel that reminding them every year is not going to heal their pain. It was just on the news here. I do feel a memorial should have been built or something but constant reminders do not ease the pain
  • I think they will be necessary after 25, 50 or even 100 years. I personally did not know anyone who died on 9/11, but I don't ever want to forget what was done to this country on that day. I was watching on TV when the second plane struck. It was surreal. I told myself a couple of times, "I did not see that! I did NOT see that!" I don't think I will ever forget that day, for as long as I live. I never even saw the towers in real life, but an imprint of them will be in my mind forever. And even more so, when they fell, knowing all of the people and firefighters who were still inside of them. Yes, it is necessary.
  • do you think we should honor those who died in WWII or in the titanic??? It is a HUGE tragedy I believe that we shouldn't forget what those people had to live through and die because of!!!
  • yes. 911 Brought this country together and I think continuing to remember those we lost takes nothing away from other hero's. It will continue to let those little ones left behind that that we haven't forgotten.
  • oops!that we havent forgotten.
  • I would not consider being victimized as an "act of bravery". But it is human to memorialize victims, or heroes, which is why it is done.

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