• you need to tell him about child will be collecting it from him. he may not want to be a daddy even though he will be one from a distance.
  • your getting close to you due date And I bet its just now hitting him, that he is going to be a daddy, he just might be scared and my come back, if he was really going to leave for good he would have moved out 1st chance he got. but if not I would talk to he and let him know that he is going to help support this child. i know life isn't alwaysa fair and people rais there kids by themslefs every day but I shouldn't have to be that way, if it can be helped.
  • He may or may not come back, but either way, that’s a *horrible* situation to bring a child into. I know this isn’t politically correct, these days, but I *highly* recommend you do the responsible thing and consider adoption. It will be the hardest thing you ever do, but I guarantee that if you make the decision thoughtfully and—dare I say it—prayerfully, it will give your child the best possible chance at a wonderful life. There are thousands of couples out there, just begging for a little baby to call their own, and every one of them has been deemed highly qualified to be parents, by a licensed social worker (which is a heck of a lot more than can be said for even most biological parents!). It’s not giving your child up; it’s giving him or her *more*. I know it hurts to even think of it, notallsmiles, but please do yourself—and even more so, the baby you’re carrying—a favor and at least consider it. There’s plenty of free, local help available at . Blessings in whatever you choose!
  • If this question is for real, someone better get real. This whole senerio is pathetic. No, he don't feel the same, because YOU don't look the same. If both names are on the lease, the landlord has his butt, then you have the child support thing. But you sound just wimpy enough to let him slide, because he may be scared. Well, just go ahead and have the baby, and support it, and 10 years from now, look back and think, if I wasn't the dumbest person in the world, I was running a close second.

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