• did you doctor say she was underweight? I honestly don't know how to do weight in kg, i wasn't good at that part of math! LOL But my daughter is between the 5th and 10th percentile in weight, which is on the low end of the scale but still healthy. At four months she weighed 12.5 lbs(12.5 Pounds = 5.669904625 Kilograms, that is what it said on an online converter). Unless your doctor says something, i wouldn't worry to much. I started my baby on cereal and 1st stage foods at 4 months.
  • Talk to her doctor, he knows best what her medical needs are.
  • You need to watch bananas, they constipate babies, that leads to very serious problems so please not too much, if you just have to, feed her rice cereal with apples, if they have rice cereal with bananas, give to her the cereal. It is in a jar, stage 2. Give her juice to help regulate her digestion, my son had a bowel obstruction when he was born, lost 21 inches of his intestines. So I physically know bananas aren't good for a baby. For weight gain give her the cereal in her milk bottle. They do have bottles made for mixing milk and cereal together the nipple hole is bigger.
  • hi maybe you could give her bits of baby rice and baby porridge now if her milk is not filling her properly, or you could crush a rusk in her milk which would be heavier on her stomach. there is no limit as to wen you can feed your child solid foods in the super stores on baby jars they say 4-6 months, it is weneva u feel that she is ready. my little girl was 4 n half month wen i started to giv her solids.
  • Is she still breastfeeding? If so, make sure she has plenty of access to the breast as longer feeds mean she will get more of the creamy hind milk. If she is alert and bright eyed, she is probably healthy. You could try a little mashed banana with some rice cereal and breast milk or formula mixed in (if she isn't breastfeeding any more). I had a baby girl who only weighed about 13 lb at 4 months and gained very little weight between 4 and 6 months but she was bright and alert and wetting plenty of nappies. She got short genes from both parents and was in the lower percentiles for height and weight for a long time.

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