• A blarney stone, a clover leaf, a great bottle of gin or whatever wine they have, or even an authentic t-shirt, prefereably something pertaining to Leprechauns!
  • a piece of stone heng lol i hear the pot there is the bomb have her bring some back and then call me
  • Prince Harry? Or are you a Prince William girl? :) JK Authentic Sex Pistols keychain from England? Tea? A CD from a popular UK band, but unknown to America. Postcards are cool. :)
  • Doc Marten boots, other types of cool clothing. Candy bars there are pretty good, woolen scarves, hats, banners or pictures.
  • Uh...a sheep? No, some coal! Or even some tin!
  • Music from underground UK bands can contain some absolute gold. Ask her to go to The Cavern, one of the most famous rock clubs in the world and bring you back a guitar pick. The Cavern is in Liverpool.
  • Art ... a small inexpensive piece perhaps ... This way you can hang it on the wall or stand it on a shelf and always remember your good friend when passing it ... There are plenty of little antique shops where one can find a collectable bargain.
  • Some great booze! superb Music! excellent movies. Just come on over yourself and learn our ways....
  • Wool blankets or knitting yarn.
  • The Few best things to bring back are PG tips (tea), Walkers salt and vinegar crisps, Cadburys chocolate and HP sauce for all those meat lovers

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