• Huh? I have never heard of a weight limit for missionaries. I suppose that the Church might not agree to call a person on a mission who was so grossly obese as to be unable to actually perform the work, but that would be the only thing that I could think of.
  • Well, they have to be light enough to actually get out of bed and go somewhere. The Church does try to make reasonable accommodations for handicapped missionaries, but I expect that if a missionary were so grossly overweight that the investigators would have to come to her, she wouldn’t be particularly effective. ETA: the site that Yarnlady cited sheds some more light on this subject. Donald B. Doty, Chairman of the Missionary Health Department, is quoted as saying that the standard is:    “that missionaries have a body mass index no higher than 37. This is actually on     the border between obesity and morbid obesity. Prospective missionaries should     strive to keep their weight in the normal range, thereby avoiding obesity-related     health problems. Being markedly under normal weight can also have serious     health consequences.” Of course, the “standard” is just that: a rule of thumb. However, I think this is a great answer to the question. Thanks, Yarnlady!
  • They need to be able to handle the physical demands of missionary work. Young people should keep their weight under control and be physically fit. The missionary daily schedule has built into it a 30-minute-a-day exercise program. Being physically tuned up enhances mental capacity. For more about the requirements, see this:
  • Nobody can tell you "exactly" because different people have different body types and different metabolisms. You have to be healthy enough to handle the demands of mission life, and if you are significantly over or under weight, that will be so noted in the medical examination. The physical requirements often include the ability to do a lot of walking, riding a bicycle as primary transportation, etc. In my experience the larger issue, for both men and women, is avoiding significant weight gain during the mission.
  • Maybe they are talking about the weight you will be carrying in your suitcase. There is a limit to how much you are allowed to take on a plane. I have seen what some girls take on a fortnights holiday. These missionaries are going away for up to 18 months.
  • They need to weigh the evidence of the beliefs. They need to weigh the truth of the Bible compared to the lies of Joseph Smith.

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