• For starters, you need to address this issue with your doctor. Maybe he/she doesn't think you should need as much medication as you're taking and your situation warrants reevaluation? If it's just scheduling, maybe he can adjust your refills, call in a prescription to tide you over or schedule your appointments in advance to avoid delays. In the meantime, to cope, I would sleep as much as possible to avoid the pain, even if it meant using a sleep aid, but only your doctor can prescribe meds to avoid the withdrawl. He or she should be willing to work with you on this and if they won't you'll know you need to find a new doc.
  • Hi- I too am on Methadone for back pain. If you could email me, I would like to chat and compare notes with someone in the same boat! I know that with my meds, my doctor perscribes an exact amount for an exact number of days. Is it that the office is not allowing you to make appointments in time for a refil? When that happens to me, they will usually let me get a small refil to tie me over until my appt. Have you ever tried that? Running out is awful! It is a hard medication to withdraw from!! I would like to get to talk with you more, if you want to chat. I am at Hope to hear from you. Linda
  • i'm really sorry but unless you have a really cool doctor you're just going to have to go thru it. i was on methadone for awhile, withdrawal sucks. you should discuss this problem with your doctor. if you're taking them as directed, they're should be no problem. if you're taking more than prescribed i wouldn't ask, i would start trying to space them apart so you don't run out.
  • maybe you should talk to your doctor about all this

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