• it walks the red fire ant
  • The wasp,it feels like someone stuck a lit cigarette on your skin. And the wasp does not lose its stinger like a bee does so it can sting you many times which can be dangerous if you are allergic to their venom as I am.
  • The BumbleBee it feels as you have been stabbed !!
  • It seems wasps. According to this website: Most insect bites and stings are not poisonous, but the bites of some flying insects such as wasps and bees can cause problems. ...... We can't stop talking about insects, can we? LOL!
  • For me a yellow jacket. Once i was walking through my yard barefoot and stepped on one, which pissed it off. When it stung me, it hurt like hell, and then it would ease and come back like a punch - like being stung all over again =(
  • the red wasp very aggressive and has a very bad sting.
  • i think a bee. i hate insects it creeps me , they are discusting and anoying. thank god insects never come to my house !!
  • For me the bee
  • Wasps or hornets Very painful, even a horse will jump a mile in the sky when stung.
  • Wasps, they chase you, I swear they do:(
      Of course they do. Don't even think about getting near a red wasp nest if you have red hair!
  • This vicious little bastard yo...
  • All those named do a pretty good job of being painful but I am surprised no one said the Black Fly! They flat can bite and even draw blood when they do. One that crawles and stings is the Alicon in Mexico looks like a scorpion...without getting the antidote you are dead in about 30 minutes.
  • Without a doubt the Bumble Bee. Once they sting they die. I was stung when I was in my 20's. Stung on the left shoulder and my whole left ard swelled up. It was very painful for several days.
  • Have to say yellow jackets... they just keep stinging you over and over , and they have terrible tempers.
  • I think wasps. I had five sting the back of my neck once, and my neighbor who saw me from a distance said I did the oddest looking dance she had ever seen.
  • Honey bees. The stings are quite painful.
  • I was stung by a wasp in my sleep once! But I think the yellow jacket was worse. Or maybe it just seemed that way because I was younger then. In any case, it helps to put ammonia on a sting.
  • Tough call! I'm inclined to say the horse fly because it doesn't bother stinging you. It just takes a bite out of your flesh. If you haven't spent time in the woods or fields during hot months then you've probably never run into one of them, but they're no fun. They basically look like very large house flies. In my experience they have red eyes, but I expect eye color varies from locale to locale.
  • a yellow jacket or a wasp
  • 15th july 2022....Hornet
  • yellow jacket

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