• I'm partial to Dell, however, everyone has their own personal opinions. I own 2 Dells nand have never had any serious problems with them that I can't fix myself.
  • I would go with an Alien Ware....if your willing to spend a little money
  • i have a compaq, and it has been through hell and it's still fabulous.
  • One that you've built yourself. If you know what you're doing, you'll have the best rig for half the price. There's no idiots at Dell, HP or Compaq to deal with, the customer service department you get to deal with won't put you on hold, be rude or not be helpful, because it's yourself. It's YOUR specs, not someone else's idea of what a box should be. You know your baby from the guts out. You get to laugh at people that own proprietary systems, because you can use just about any piece of PC hardware out there. They can't. The list is long and I'm not even 1/4 done.
  • The Apple iMac, beautiful, easy to use, fantastic free sortware, very stable, and not as prone to Viruses as PC's. Some people point out that Apple Mac's are more expensive that PC's per se, but in the long-run I feel they are cheaper and you spend more time using It and less time fiddling with It....
  • the iTouch, it has custimize =)
  • Dell, hp and Mac are the best personal computers on the market...
  • If this is between PCs and Macs I can tell your there is a much greater number of PC users who use Macs enough to get used to them then want to switch. Visa versa, not so much. but no matter what platform you use, you can't judge it until you have used it enough to be comfortable with it.
  • probably a desktop
  • Depends what you're looking to do with it. If you're looking for nothing but surfing then go with a Chromebook. If you're looking for power then get one with a dedicated graphics card etc etc.
  • The first computer I bought was a Compaq. Being a novice, I put it through hell. I've since stuck with Dell - I'm on my second one. As long as you keep your computer updated and maintained with good adware removers, it should stay working like new.
  • It's a matter of personal opinion because every computer user will say different things from each other. Personally, I think the Apple MacBook is brilliant. I have a MacBook Air and it is great for personal use. You could get a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro whichever you think is best for you after reading the specs online.
  • Desktops: Dell is generally considered the most reliable, and the prices aren't outrageous, either. Dell also puts out some of the top-rated monitors. If you're interested in high-end gaming, you'll probably want to look elsewhere, but if you're interested in a solid, lasts-as-long-as-you-need-it desktop PC with a top-quality monitor, Dell is a great choice. - - With laptops there are far too many factors to consider to choose just one. It depends very much on your needs. For example: for myself, typing is the #1 most important task for a laptop, and so a laptop with a very good keyboard is the #1 consideration, and Lenovo is widely deemed to have the best laptop keyboard in the business. So, for me, the choice was simple: Lenovo. For tops in reliability you might want to go Toshiba or Dell. For tops in graphics or flexibility you might want to go with Microsoft. Etc.
  • Dell is widely considered to be the best (most reliable) desktop, and in addition they have top-rated monitors. *** Keyboards: not so much. Check out Unicomp for a real IBM-feel touch typer's keyboard. Nothing better except for the original IBM, IMO. *** If easy-to-use is of primary importance then you can go with Apple...but you'll pay for it.
  • I'm a fan of HP. I hear others complain about their customer service, but I've NEVER had to deal with that. The last computer that I bought is a Lenovo Yoga & I'm loving it so far. Had it for 2 years with NO problems!!! I had thought of switching over to Dell, but a lot of my friends are complaining about the most recent quality being inferior. I find that in most instances, it is personal opinion as to what is the best!!!

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