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  • Yes!! But the addiction has to be a part of the personality type. You must be an addictive personality type, The good news is , u can find another just like u, and it could b a match made in heaven..... DO NOT waste your time on anyone unless they r just like u!! Got it?
  • Yes, I think you can, thought I think a better way of putting it would be 'obsessed'. As somebody else stated, you'd generally need to have an addictive personality. I think it's fair to say people like stalkers are 'addicted' to the people they follow. There are lots of reasons you could be 'addicted' to somebody, perhaps you admire and respect them. I believe you can also become 'addicted' to somebody if you get used to being around them. When they are no longer around you find it difficult to cope, as you've been used to their company for so long.
  • Its called co-dependent relationships and there are great reads about it, you should really try to educate your self about it and then you can try to get out of whatever relationship "addiction" you are in. Co-dependent relationships are not healthy, not even if both partners are co-dependeent
  • Truth is, anyone can become addicted to one of many things. Such as, Alcohol, drugs, gambling, eating, shopping etc. No one is exempt, however it you are predisposed that will increase your odds.
  • Definitely. As a teenager, I was serially addicted.
  • It is hard to say whether or not you can become addicted to a person. Perhaps you become addicted to certain aspects of that person that you feel complete you and you can't let go if it for the sake of yourself. I've known people who just wont let people go because of this simple reason. They feel they would be lost without a person because they offer so much that the person herself/himself doesn't have. But is this just obsession? Where do you find the difference between addicted and obsessed when dealing with people? Or are we just so used to using the word Obsessed when we refer to people that we think it just fits more. Whoooo.. I think I need to post these questions!! *Scratches chin*
  • Ummm... I believe the proper term in which you refer is called co-dependency. Yes you can become addicted to a person and it happens a lot, more so than you think, you can be addicted or dependent on someone and not even realize it at times.
  • Yes and you may think it is love. It's not love, it's just sticky.
  • yes i do i actually i think you can...spending time with some one daily you get in a routine of being with them daily and then when you don't hang out with them or aren't with them you kinda don't know what to do ...and then you hang out with them again and your back to normal ...just like drugs or alcohol or ciggs it's an addiction ...same mindset and all
  • I'm addicted to AnswerBag, so that would mean I'm addicted to Joel.
  • Yes. However, in most cases, the addicition is to the relationship or, even more so, to a fantasy version of the relationship - what we wish or hope it would be - or a vision of what we want the other person to be. It is differentiated from real love, because real love is realistic and accepting of the other person's faults with a desire to help that person grow into his or her goals and dreams. Good question .
  • Yes, emotional dependence.
  • Sure you can...when you need to know where that person is at all times...then you know you are addicted
  • I do all the time. At the moment it's Sylvia Plath, Anthony Bourdain, and that kid in my P.E class. Ever heard the song "#1 Crush" from Garbage? It goes something like "I would die for you I would die for you I've been dying just to feel you by my side, to know that you're mine..." It's just like that.
  • Yes. Its a problem I have encountered amongst my peers. It is often mistaken for love and it is the cause of the downfall of the meaning of love. This occurs in two ways, the first is an addiction that is spawned because of how it makes you feel about yourself. It is a completely draining relationship in which one party wants you to make them feel a certain way about themselves. In this way they become addicted to you. The other way is comfort. Its hard to kick a habit and a nonbenificial relationship may be drawn out because you are so used to being with that person that it is hard to imagine going on without them even if you don't have the same connection that you used to.
  • yes i think you can.
  • Yes, and its not healthy because your entire purpose begins to revolve around that person and you happiness depends on what ever that person does and that's just not good, I know I'm addicted and I can't help it, I'm getting better though.
  • Being addicted to another person can be good and bad, the wife and I met and became fused after a fiew days. together we can't keep hands off eachother and can't wait till the other gets home and pretty much finish eachother words and actually have days of "No Talking" and actually grow even closer!
  • Certainly, though it is at best a gamble.
  • of coursee. u wan to be with that person, talk to that person, etc.
  • Define "addicted."
  • "Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug"
  • yeah.. maybe.. :P
  • Yes.Read>Codependent No More,by,Melodie Beattie.
  • You sure can:) Nice:)
  • Of course, but like any drug, it'll soon be your affliction and ultimate downfall. If just depends on how you want to fall. :}
  • yes, i was, but it was a horrible experience. i stopped talking to my friends and family - not coz i was forced to but because i chose to put all my time and energy into him and doing everything for him. i am so glad that's over! i have my life back i can say that now i am addicted to my life and it feels good.
  • iam addicted to someone
  • yes it is possible but eventually that will fade. In the beginning of a relationship, all you want to do is be with that person and you find you cant live or eat or breathe without this other person who consumes your life. As time goes on, you and this other person begin to let your guard down a bit and suddenly some of each other's vulnerabilities are revealed and it kind of changes the entire landscape. If you are talking about addition to the point of stalking as in celebrity stalking or anyone for that matter. I'd say there are probably a few issues and should consider getting help.
  • Yes... but as soon as you find their weakness or something that turn you off. the addiction is gone
  • Yes you can, I am, and it's called codependancy. Most people think of codependancy where you are dating an addict or an alcoholic, but there is another form of it, where you are literally dependant on people, "addicted" to them if you will. It's extremely unhealthy.
  • Isn't it called love?
  • curioustracy, what do you mean by if you are an addictive personality type the person they must be is just like u?
  • I did some research. Most addicted people or codependants are consumed by narcisstic personalities. Narcisstic personalities suck them in because they need someone to admire them and be their narcisstic supply for their own emotions, since they are very shallow. Codependant people or addictive personalites fit the bill. Once hooked, the codependant person finds it almost impossible to break away from the narcisstic partner constant hooking of them. These people are very manipulative and controlling, thus the weaker individual looks to them for strength, when in effect it is false and just a fascade. Once the dependant personality sees that the narcisstic is not as strong as they once envisioned, they begin to see their weaknessness and then maybe can break the cycle of being addicted to them. If codependant does not do any soul searching and admit they have this problem they will proabably find another controlling partner again. Thus the cycle repeats itself.
  • You certainly can ... Is a BAD place to be ... +5

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