• Peoples private thought are just that, private thoughts. If they choose not to share them just accept it, don't hold it against them.
  • Yes it is a conspiracy!!! They all tell me the same thing!!!..;)
  • They're just not finishing the sentence, if they did it would be "nothing -- that I'm going to tell you about" or "nothing -- that I want to share right now."
  • In a manner of speaking yes they have just lied. the mind never stops thinking as long as your still alive. Understanding what dreams are proves this. Normally when someone says nothing in this respect they are meaning nothing important enough to share with others. It isn't as if they are trying to be rude by lying but rather thinking of it as sparing you the boredom.
  • It is impossible for the mind to be empty so they are telling lies. Even the yogis and monks cannot have an empty mind which is what they are trying to do! I think what they mean is that- stay away from my weird thoughts, you really don't want to know!!!!
  • They have lied, but it is better than saying, Mind your own damn business.
  • Whenever who asked me what i m thinking, I would answer nothing because I always think this kind of question is aggressive. What I am thinking is my privacy.
  • Silence is Golden.There is some thoughts reserved in ones mind that would not necessarily be opened to others.Ask yourself have you had the same experience. Its normal to behave in such a way. So the notion that the person is lying is obvious ,and he has his reasons by doing so and mostly the reason is not to bother you or not to have you involved with his petty problems or in its simplest form not to hurt your feelings.This kind of lie is spontaneous and not an intended lie through one's teeth.
  • Sometimes it is just easier to say nothing because you don't always want to know what someone is thinking. I know I say nothing alot when I am thinking about all kinds of stuff that I don't feel like talking about and half of which won't make any sense.
  • Sometimes I think about nothing, and get asked that question. They keep persisting that I was thinking about something, because I had that deer-in-the-head-lights-look.:D
  • Of course everyone is always thinking something, but when they say nothing they are saying, "nothing interesting or important" or "I don't want to tell you."
  • Not at all..they are telling you the truth..except they haven't finished the sentence.."nothing I want to share with you". So you see, they are being kind to you. They are being polite..they simply don't want to hurt your feelings. They are not liars. They are having private thoughts which they don't want to share with you. :) Happy Wednesday! :)(
  • It is possible to clear out your head and not focus on any one thing. I do that sometimes when I am stressed and don't want to think about those things. Even if that isn't the case, if someone says nothing, just leave it at that. It isn't as harmful as a lie because everyone has a right to the privacy of his/her own thoughts.
  • I saw a comedian once who claimed that when men tell a woman they are "thinking about nothin" they really are thinking about nothing. He called it defragging his mind. Yup, sounds about right. Sometimes when I'm thinking I zone out and someone asking me what I'm thinking makes the thought just fade away. So then, it's nothing. Sometimes, people are telling the truth. Other times, they probably don't want to tell you, or it was unimportant or silly.
  • I've thought about nothing at times. LOL...except I say, "I'm playing a blank tape". Sometimes, our brains do shut down for a moment. I'm caught looking into space and when I come out of it, I wonder, what was I thinking about?
  • I would think most people are always thinking. But I'm sure there are some who really aren't thinking at all.
  • they could literally be spacing out and not thinking anything but just...zoning.

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