• the best way is to reduce caloric intake and increase caloric expenditure. It's simple, actually. Turn Answerbag off and go exercise and when you come back -- don't eat as much as you'd normally eat, or eat something with fewer calories. If you gradually drop 9 kilos over six months you will do it in a healthy sustainable way.
  • Another good tip is to cut Carbs, it sucks at first but in the end i lost like 45 pounds (I did it during Football season and we do a lot of conditioning like sprints and all that jazz) but it should work really well.
  • That depends on what your body is like. About a year ago, I cut out snacks after my kids were in bed and dropped 20 pounds within two months, with no other lifestyle changes. My wife, on the other hand, did aerobics, aquaerobics, and 5Ks for over a year and couldn’t take off more than 10 pounds. It’s all relative.   The best advice anyone can give is to eat better and exercise. It sounds trite, but the fact is it generally works—and anything beyond that would require us to know your present weight and lifestyle, so we can help you make specific changes.   Whatever you do, make sure it’s sustainable. It’s a lot easier to gain weight than it is to lose it, and it doesn’t do you any good to drop 20 pounds in six months if you’re going to gain back 40 in the next six.   Good luck!
  • Whatever else you do... drink more water. First, it's just good for you anyway, second it'll help you feel more full, third it'll help break down the toxins already in your body. (as a lot of people will tell you, "cleansing" is very important for weight-loss) Also... figit. Just don't stop moving. Even if you're not doing "much" ... just keeping your body moving "somehow" will keep your metabolism working faster.
  • just exercise more and dont eat anything fattening
  • To lose weight effectively you need to do 2 things: 1) Eat less. Reduce the daily amount of food you take 2) Workout. If you are already working out you need to increase the intensity. And a 3rd thing to add which will help you with the first two suggestions is taking supplements! Hi, The first thing you need to do to choose the right weight loss supplement for you is asking the following: -How the weight loss supplement will help me? -Does it have any side effects. (Side effects might show for some people but not for others! It
  • What i did for better health, blood pressure, heart etc was to start every day with a 1 to 2 mile walk followed by just one kind of whole fresh fruit. Sometimes its oranges, sometimes, mangoes sometimes apples, then i wait at least 1/2hour before eating anything else. Add to this carrying fruit with me to work and first going to the fruit when hungry. I have naturally skipped a meal in any given day by simply waiting till I was really hungry to eat. The key for me is the fruit. My weight is now naturally maintained at a healthy place. Find joyful activities you love. That will also nourish your soul : )
  • People have struggled with their weight for their entire lifetime. As you get older it is harder than ever to get fit. Maybe in High school, you were a wrestler, football player, or baseball player. You knew how to work out, however, even then you could not control your weight. You noticed as you got older the worst it got. By the time you reached the 30's, you knew you had to do something about it. People have tried varieties of diets. Like a very strict diet with no carbs and boy did they lose weight. They thought they found the answer to their prayers. But like anything else they fell off the diet and boy did they pack on the pounds. By this time in their lives, the years have passed by. Many people start to notice health issues because of their weight gain. They have to stand up and say that this is it. "I am going to be dead soon if I do not get control now". After trying many things, you exercise and eat a well-rounded diet and you start to succeed. The first thing you need to realize is that if you want to lose weight to live, you need to watch what you eat. Everyone says "I don't want to count calories, fat, sodium, cholesterol and so on", but you know what no one wants to be is obese either. The first thing you should always do is look at what you eat every day and that is what you are going to be looking like. If you eat French fries, mayonnaise, greasy foods you're going to be a greasy looking french fry. Also, find the foods that you like as well. If you like oranges eat oranges. This brings us to exercise. This word is the hardest action for everyone to do. This word literally makes people give up before they start. We learned long ago in our youth how to work out, but things are different now and you need to do this on your own. The best is to start exercising and stretching routines at least 4 times a week. At first, you will be stiff and sore but you can work through it. Plus you start feeling an unbelievable feeling of strength and flexibility that you had not even felt in your youth. Eventually, you will get to the point where you can take a day off here and there and have no problem. The bottom line is you need to do it for yourself and find a program that works for you. You have to exercise your mind as well. You have to have the will to do it or you will be struggling with weight for the rest of your life. First, you should learn how to control your eating and learn to eat the foods that are healthy for your body and soul. Second, find the exercise program that you will enjoy doing and will not quit. If you just do these two things, you will be the new you that you have been wanting forever. If you would like to learn more click here
  • Stop overeating. People who overeat have a common eating disorder.
  • People can have different ideas of what healthy means. There are a ton of different things you can do to lose weight. I would suggest two things. Firstly, lose the weight slowly but consistently. Secondly, change your lifestyle so that when you have lost the weight, you don't bounce back. Adopting a healthy diet (by this I mean what you eat every day) and regular exercise will allow you to lose weight without any special effort

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