• it bothers me more when they cant apply some effort and find a better job to support their kids and not have to sit on welfare or federal assistance or any sort of assistance of any kind. This of course excludes extreme circumstances when people are disabled or their children are disabled and they need assistance to pay the medical bills. People say being well off is 'lucky' Its the furthest thing u can get from lucky, its hard work to get there on your own starting from zero. My parents came to Canada 16 years ago, where shit poor, got jobs, worked their asses off and now we are just above middle class while ppl who had a good start in this country (where born here and went to college and university and their parents payed for it, they didn't mow lawns at cemeteries and install windows for 7 years to pay for their own college to get a decent job) cant seem to get their lazy asses out of their mom's basement.
  • When I have kids I would like you to be the sponsor.
  • No. It annoys me when people with similar circumstances are lumped in one category.
  • Actually, I never hear those people complain. The complainers are the ones who resent the people who receive federal assistance..they go on and on and on, whining/moaning/complaining..vilifying those who get the helping hand and sometimes are quite insulting, calling them lazy. Apparently they've got theirs and don't give a dam* about others who are less fortunate.! :)
  • (True Story)I have three children because my husband had a good job and we can afford it. Then he had a change of heart and left me and the kids and fleed the country. Now, whose fault is it that I am on federal assistance? I quit college to marry him. Am I to be punished? The amount of money I receive does not come close to paying our expenses, and I have taken a job to try to make it up, but they deduct my entire salary from the assistance payments. Where is my choice in the first place.?
  • Chief: comments not posting AGAIN so this is for you. TY chief. IT's not often that people "care" about the down and out. They assume that people on welfare are lazy bums. the truth is I do work part time and 95% of the time I have been on welfare I have worked and been a student and a contributing member of society but people assume (and someone told me this morning) that "welfare bums" are NOT contributing members of society. True story: I was a single mom, went to work and immediately got EVERYTHING stopped. I would not get paid for 3 weeks and then it was to be like a $50.00 check. I had to pay $200 daycare, food, fuel, rent, etc for that 3 weeks PLUS the next 2 weeks before I got my next check. I had no choice but to quit as bad as I hated to. TY for caring about those of us who are legit trying to better ourselves

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