• you think not being in a relationship means you suck?? I dont agree with that at all.
  • Not being in a relationship doesn't mean that you suck... Wow... Don't be so darn hard on yourself! Experience is experience...
  • No. In one or not, I still understand how relationships work. I'm divorced, but can still answer the questions in marriage as well as anybody else too. You don't suck :) Don't be so hard on yourself.
  • just because you're not in a relationship doesn't mean you can't use past experiences to help other don't suck, by the're awesome
  • Not being in a relationship does not mean you can't have an opinion. Most people have had past relationships and, seems to me, relationship questions would be a good way to "vent" about one that may not have gone very well. ;-)
  • I'd say that breaking up is a major component of all dating relationships. You're still quite qualified to answer relationship questions whether you're dating or not. Besides, you don't suck - you're a lefty Scorpio!!!
  • Why do you suck? Cause you're not in a relationship, or you sucked at being in a relationship. Either way, you are still qualified to answer questions. And still qualified to make me laugh....err..haha?
  • Psh, if I had to be "qualified" to answer questions on AB I wouldn't be answering half of them. I answer the one that starts with "Ladies only!", too.
  • No, my advice would still be the same, single or not. You shouldnt think that, you give excellent advice.
  • Well, first of all Sara I'm sorry that things didn't work out this time for you. Breaking up is tough, and during that time it's difficult to think logically sometimes. Emotion trumps logic, especially so in breakup situations. When I've been in a breakup I personally have thought things along the lines of "I'll never find someone else", but in reality I thought those same things after my last breakup and I still found someone. You give fantastic relationship advice. That experience and knowledge doesn't simply disappear or become discredited. It's still there, it's just tough to see it right now. I honestly think of you first if I have a question about relationships. That's why once I tracked you down for help on a comment thread with the underage girl who was dating the 28 year old. I value your perspective on relationships, and it doesn't matter if you are in one or not. And in my humble opinion, you've just become AB's most eligible bachelorette. I can say that because my girlfriend isn't on AB. Because if she was, then she would take that spot. But come to think of it she isn't eligible because she's in a relationship with me so technically what I say still stands. Anyway, my point is - keep your head held high! And keep answering those relationship questions. When you inevitably get the points and positive comments you'll know you haven't lost any of your perspective.
  • Nah... I still answer questions on baldness even after I started using Rogaine.
  • You can still answer those questions. Except now, your s/o is your vibrator/dildo...LOL! That's good stuff right there.
  • Hmmm, if not being in a relationship means that you suck then I spent about 45 years sucking. ;) IMO, if someone asks a question about an SO then you can answer by referring to your ex-SO in the past tense.
  • LOL thats ok not only do I suck at realationships I suck at life in general and people actually listen to me, the fools!!! muhahaha
  • I don't think you have to be in a current relationship to answer the questions just as long as you had been in one at some point to gain any knowledge of the subject. My wife had the baby on 8/16/08. Just FYI. Hadn't really announced it yet to AB
  • Sometimes i avoided answering the questions where i cant put myself in their places and see how it feels. some poeple ask questions and they are desperate for an answer, not just to stir an arguement. When it comes to break up, its a mixture of the worse feelings ever that dissolve through time and leaves a trail of experience that will help us to make a better relation ship next time. so cheer up :)
  • I think sometimes everyone has something to learn from someone.

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