• If my life was "always fair" I wouldn't have nearly as much fun, or as much money, or as sexy ladies. I must admit. I like it very much how it is now.
  • If life was always fair, I wouldn't have been in 9 abusive relationships, at 14 years old. If life was always fair, I wouldn't have been raped. If life was always fair, I wouldn't have been an alcoholic. If life was always fair, I wouldn't have 4 major mental illnesses. If life was always fair, I wouldn't have had the experiences in life that made me the strong person that I am. If life was always fair, I wouldn't have the life experience in my whole lifetime that I have gained in my current (unfair) 14 years of life.
  • then it wouldnt be life. life teaches you lessons and lets u appreciate what u have. if everything would be perfect then it wouldnt be life. like when somehitng bad happens u say "eh, it;s life" or life is cruel..cus it really is that way!! :D
  • If my job hadn't been eliminated in 2003, I'd be making at least $65-70,000 per year, have plenty of money in the bank, probably wouldn't have screwed up my knee, etc. Instead, I'm on Social Security Disability, can't find a freakin' $30,000 per year job, and have a knee that will only bend about 90 degrees.
  • That would be the dumbest life with no sorrows, no challenges to face, no difficulties to cross, no barriers to break, no mountains to cross and everything is as prosperous as a fertile valley and you keep moving and moving and moving on, monotonously.... You think thats a good way to live..? May be I don't. Now that doesn't mean it should always be the harder way. I always want mountains with a hidden way to go through it where I need to find that hidden path And thats really interesting isn't it?
  • The ways my life as well as everyone elses would be different if life was always fair are too numerous to count. But, some people just seem to have more bad things happen to them while others don't. Then, we see many people deal so graciously with all of the bad things that have happened to them. We see as well, people that may appear to have an ideal life but they have suffered silently about many things that we don't know about.
  • If life was always fair, I wouldn't be disappointed as much. I'm thinking more in terms of my children and some things that they have had to go through.
  • fairness or justice can cut both ways ... i wouldn't have a neurodegenerative disorder ... on the other hand, i might not be alive today, not having driven fast enough to "beat" the train engine back in my teens. thankfully, to paraphrase Senator Obama, "that's above my pay grade", meaning that the ultimate decision is made by God.
  • The list is endless. If I listed everything, I'm afraid it would sound like I have a "poor me syndrome". If life was always fair, other people's lifes would have affected me also because their lifes would have been fair. You know, like a sort of chain reaction. When we stop to really think about it, the possibilities are endless for all of us if life was always fair.
  • I wouldn't have married my first husband, and I would have been deprived of the joy that is my son.
  • I would either be Japanese, or I would have a really deep voice.
  • I would be very quiet because there wouldn't be anything for me to complain about.
  • I would have married the woman I was dating when I was 19. I'd have a house with a big room for the museum of computers and audio equipment I have in storage. I wouldn't be broke right now. On the other hand, the way it turned out, I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children that I wouldn't have if my life had turned out that way.
  • i would be called paris hilton ha!
  • We wouldn't need courts, police, attorneys, or insurance. People would do what they were supposed to do. If something was their fault, they'd fess up and take punishment, pay damages, whatever. No one would rape, steal, abuse or deny. We'd get paid what we earned and wouldn't complain. We wouldn't expect something for nothing or for someone else to take care of us. We wouldn't take advantage of another's generosity or good fortune. We'd accept our own lumps.
  • If my life was fair? Hard to imagine because I believe humans take notice of when life is not fair to them rather than noticing the opposite.
  • We still would want better!
  • Wow, the list is SO long....let's see I'd be taller I'd be good-looking I'd be smarter I'd be wealthy I'd be talented I'd be less of an a**hole I'd be heard I'd be respected ..just to name a few in the limited time that we've got left on earth!!!
  • i think everyone would be spoiled. they'll never learn and thinks everything was okay even if it wasn't.
  • I'd be good looking and i'd be dating the girl i've liked for ages and who is way way out of my league! plus i'd be able to get drunk and not have hangovers! that would rock!
  • wouldn't? LOL Well not to say that my life is always fair.... I'm just saying that it wouldn't be fair at all to have a life without any problems :) Great question!
  • If my life was always fair... I would not have learned valuable experiences in my ups and downs if life was fair I may not have the 2 wonderful children I have now if life was fair my life is not perfect but I am very happy with the turns it has taken I found my true love 2 yrs ago because the 1st road I took in my life turned out to not be fair. (God Bless the Broken Rascall Flatts)
  • 2 things first: HOT avatar! and... Excellent question - you made the feature. My life would be less interesting (interesting, of course, isn't always a good thing). For humankind, I think evolotion would cease, and we would become progressively weaker through the generations. There would be no challenges to separate the "doers" from the "slackers"... We wouldn't have to pray for patience. I often think I'll quit praying for patience, for humility, and for strength. It turns out that God likes us to "exercise" to get these traits, and will offer plenty of opportunities for us to grow. If my life were fair, I would have neither the desire, or the challenge to become a better man.
  • It would be dull.
  • I love this question it makes you appreciate how wonderful "unfairness" can be in creating a life that is worth living. My life would be quite unbearable I think if life were always fair. I would be in a vegetative state because what else can inspire us so much as the unfairness of life.
  • I would have had a better life all the way around. Life was unfair to me, mainly because my chosen profession was the Women's Army Corp which became part of the regular Amry in 1973, and the hardship it was on women at that time was terrible, not respected at all.
  • Fairness is very relative... In my life... everyone else might just dissappear! *Poof!

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