• he should travel to her city...
  • Meh, whatever works. Me personally, I would drive to her, but if she wants to drive to me or meet halfway, I'm cool with that too.
  • I would meet her or arrange for her to be picked up and taken to where ever we are going to.
  • That depends on what you two discuss, some meet half way, most times, the guy drives to your place, since he asked you on a date.
  • I would say he should arrange to meet you in your location. That seems to be the right thing to me.
  • In personal relationships there truly is no protocol, what counts is consideration and respect between the two involved. These matters are dealt differently in the US as they are are also different in the UK. I believe the correct way should be for the gentleman to drive to the lady's city unless otherwise agreed for who knows whatever reason. Regards.
  • The man usually would meet the woman in her city. However, in today's world it actually depends upon the arrangements made between the two of them. She may meet him in his city, they may meet somewhere in between or he may go to her city. It would most likely be dependent on an agreement between the two and consider, convenience, occurring events, financial considerations, privacy and possible other considerations.
  • He drives to meet her, end of story.
  • I'm not sure, usually they ask me out, pick me up, and pay. But I guess if I went as far as to ask her out, I would drive to her. Plus, I may not want her knowing where I live, you never know.
  • hi, sara, babieeeeeeee ... it depends on how old fashioned you are ... generally it's the guy that drives to see the girl, but it's ok for girls to make a booty call too ... LoLz
  • I guess your example assumes they both have cars, and equal incomes, etc. If he drives to her city, she could offer to help out with the other expenses, such as cost of the date, or gas money. When Hubby and I met, I would take the bus down on Friday night after work for the overnight trip, and he would meet me at the bus station the following morning. I slept on the bus with no problem. We would then have a wonderful week end on the beach, and I returned on Sunday night. The bus station was only a few blocks from my work, so I would go directly there on Monday morning. When school got out for the year, my son and I moved to the beach apartment, and on Labor Day, 34 years ago, Hubby and I married.
  • Are we talking Boston-San Diego or Texarkana, Texas-Texarkana, Arkansas?
  • Depends on whose house you want to spend the night at?
  • if he's askin her...he goes. aside all the variables...
  • i think they should meet half way so noone has to drive far
    • Joreta Cherry
      no one
  • this should be worked out between the two of them based on their circumstances

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