• Yeah buy a new one. No seriously, will it play games? If so then it may have to do with the format of the DVD. If not, then it may be the laser. "Disc Read Error Owners of early PS2 models purchased from launch until spring 2002 commonly reported faulty optical drives in their consoles. The earliest drives suffered from a constantly misaligning laser lens but later defects were the result of a shift in voltage to the laser itself. The first problem was relatively easy to remedy, but it required opening the machine's casing and tweaking a cog that controlled the lens' distance from the discs it was supposed to read, thus voiding the warranty. This usually did not matter, as in most cases the warranty already had expired by the time such problems began to appear. The second fix involved the use of an oscillator. As time went on, more and more drives began breaking down and a class action lawsuit was filed against Sony. They had the option of either paying the requested fines in damages, or offering free repair and replacements at their discretion.[11] Sony chose the latter and, until February 2005, they honored their agreement. In the UK owners suffering from this flaw must pay Sony £50 (as of spring 2005) to get their machines repaired. A second lawsuit is being filed against Sony for all of the above, plus claims that defective hardware is damaging media discs. The first hearings were set to commence in April and May, 2005.[12] As of 2006, Sony is offering exchanges of factory-refurbished consoles for broken out-of-warranty consoles for a charge of US $45. Another issue causing DRE's is wear on the part coupling the head assembly to the worm gear that moves the laser. Symptom is a loud repetitive clicking sound. The part is commonly plastic and prone to wear or break. Metal replacements are available from third parties."

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