• it's none of my business
  • My daughter has moved back home. She lives in my garden level basement which is like a large apartment. What can I say? My opinion is that I love her and if I can do anything to help her out, I'm there. If any of my other children had to move back home, I'm also ok with that.
  • Unless I know the specifics of the situation, I have no opinion. Some are probably sponging off their folks..some are there because they have no other choice at the time..some may have medical/emotional difficulties about which I know nothing. So to make a judgment based on appearances only is unfair.
  • Loser. Sorry.
  • if they just dont have a job and can't/don't want to support themselves, loser. if they have a medical condition they are smart to take the offered help from their parents. If their parents have some condition I think they are very caring and thats a nice thing to do but i do not envy them.
  • Smart. Less or no rent, shared facilities and bills, plus one already knows the "housemates". Still, having lived out of home for goodness knows how long, I could never move back in.
  • It depends on the situation, the relationships, the economics, etc. Even cultural differences. For example, in many countries this is quite common, driven by a mixture of economics (lack of resources for everybody to live on their own) and cultural patterns. So, judgement cannot be passed without context.
  • sometimes it's unavoidable. i've had to do it three times, once after i got out of the air force, once after an apartment fire and once after my dwi back in the early 90's. the dwi was the cause of me losing my driving job and had nowhere to turn. i highly recommend no one drinks and drives! it pretty much shattered my life for years. luckily no one was ever hurt all those times i was stupid! ;)
  • The circumstances change for people but those who have the ability but don't are pathetic, but for life altering changes, that is what family is for.
  • Meh, doesn't bother me. I live on my own. Maybe some people enjoy living with their parents though. Who am I to judge?
  • I'd never date a guy who lived at home...If the parents are in need, financially or otherwise, I think it's ok, but generally, I think everyone should move out at 24 or so.
  • It depends on why they do. Times are very difficult and moving in together is often the only option left for people.
  • Agh, people, don't judge. Sometimes hardships in life give people no choice. I moved back in with my parents for a year after my divorce. I was 26 and needed to right myself financially and save for my own place. My parents were alone in a big house and often went up to their vacation home 7 months out of the year anyway. I still thank them to this day for their graciousness and their support.
  • I always lived at home. My mother said to me on my 16th birthday that if I even left home against her wishes, she would never speak to me again or take me in if I had a rough time. Dad passed away when I was 31, then a few years later my mom had a series of heart attacks and became a semi-invalid. I spent the rest of her life caring for her, so I was never able to get away. Now I'm 56 and have inherited a 2500 sq ft Victorian house and am alone anyway.
  • if, between rent and utilities and taxes, i could save $12,000 a year, and i did that for 10 years, that would come out to $120,000 - a nice downpayment on a house, even if i were only making $20,000 a year! actually, i suspect that a lot of their savings, well, goes up in smoke ...
  • I have to see the individual circumstances. For example, I was born with a disability. I lived with my family until I was 27. I now live on my own. I had a good reason. Some people have good reasons, and some are just lazy. The lazy ones are fairly easy to spot and those I have no sympathy for. But, for some, there are good reasons.
  • Life is rough sometimes. Thank God for family.
  • it sucks growing up in a collapsing economy... i have heard that there is more people in their 30's living at home than ever before, here in America... i think they are wise for trying to save money for a house rather than pay rent
  • Ah it doesnt bother me everyoens life is different :)
  • No problems. As long as they pay their way,then it helps all round. Both my children have been back home after broken marriages,for financial and emotional reasons......what the hell are families for.

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