• I think the natural vitamins that we get from foods and salads work wonders for us. They seem to give me some zip. Those synthetic bottled vitamins don't work as quickly on me as a nice salad does.
  • Be sure to do your research and it's good to know what's going on with your body to pick the right vitamins. I used to feel tired and sluggish all of the time, no matter what I ate, my doctors told me I was anemic and gave me iron, but it did not help me to feel better. I started taking a brand called Double X by Nutrilite and I immediately felt better. if I stop taking them, I do feel sluggish again. I've been taking them for 4 years, but I tried a lot of different vitamins before I arrived at Nutrilite. Oprah did a study on several different brands to see if they actually did what they "promised" and Nutrilite was on the list, I think Centrum was on there to. You can try health food stores as well.
  • If you lift then yes they help greatly. Taking the vitamins and working out well help you to achieve a higher level of strenght and muscle mass, that wouldn't be possible to get to on just excerise alone. but as amlucas said earlier do your homework on what you want to take and how long you want to take it
  • They have made a difference in my life. I have lived longer and have a better life because of them.

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