• Charles Taze Russell was a Mason.
    • Nick Batchelor
      People run wild about whether or not Russell was a freemason. He wasn?t. Freemasons, from their part, have stated: ?Russell was not a freemason".
  • The Jehovah Witnesses cult is -secret- part of the masonic empire. My 2 cents.
    • Nick Batchelor
      Nothing secret about Jehovah's Witnessss. Not a cult either. C.T Russell wasn't perfect be he wasn't a Mason.
  • Who says that they were? No one even knows for sure if he was a Mason( see some related questions, some of the various answers help). In closing, disguising an unsubstantiated statement with a question mark at the end, and a small word or two at the beginning is a week way to get legitimate answers. Come on,it's only fun if we're here to learn. Hazzah!
  • Alister Crowley was the one with the lawnmower. Charles Taze Russell had to borrow it all the time
  • Interesting statement. Crowley born 12 October 1875. How good of friends could one be when he was just a child? Oh, a good point here too, Crowley was living in England in the 1870's not in NYC.
  • Great bridge partners?! ;-)
  • It was while young Russell had such thoughts that he stepped into that dingy hall in Allegheny and heard the sermon that

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