• No, I'd never do that to myself. It's not what you eat but what's eating you.
  • no...hatred is overated. Learn to forgive that person and move on with your life.
  • is to short to put that much effort into to nonsense!
  • I have a nephew who raped his step daughter for 5 years before he was caught. he started when she was 8 years old. It is hard to forgive such actions.
  • I guess I'm built wrong. I don't hate a single person who has "wronged" me in some way, and I forgive them easily when they do. Interesting to me is that I absolutely HATE 3 people in this world. It is unexplainable to me, because they have never been anything but polite, and have never wronged me. Yet --- When they walk in the room, my hackles actually stand up on my neck, and I start grinding my teeth, waiting for an opportunity to pounce them. I would damage these people's bodies and feel certain that I would lack remorse afterward, if given the chance. I'll never understand. Perhaps they kicked me in the sack and stole my bicycle in a former life or something. Maybe they stomped my Tonka truck into pieces while I was forced to watch. Maybe they are Cubs fans?
  • Ohhh yeah. There is a kid from school I would still kill today, so 30 years later. If I ever seen him again.
  • NO, I've never allowed someone to have such control over me. I forgive them and forget them. And I never hate them either, only the things they did.
  • Yes, and I have spoken to my Priest about it and he agrees with me that I should not worry about the fact I do not want to forgive. Although I cried for him the day he was convicted ,or maybe it was relief.
  • I think there are three people I will never forgive, unless of course they ask for forgiveness, something that they will never do because they think so highly of themselves. Fortunately, I met those people only on the Internet.
  • No... I always forgive, but I NEVER forget. Forgivness is, in my opinion, not supposed to be for the other person. Forgivness should be first and foremost for you! Why allow someone elses stupidity or cruelty to rot inside your heart like a putrid piece of crud? No one should ever be allowed that far inside you for any reason. You forgive, to let go... Period.
  • I feel terrible saying this, but yes. There is no hope, ever.
  • yes there are a few.:-)
  • There have been a handful of people that I've felt that way, yes!
  • Yes there is - because they cannot see that they did any wrong; not to be trusted and only to be despised!
  • YUP..whats funny is that it's my cousin and my right? disgusting people with horrible black mouths..they spread rumors that are venom..they are poisonous..ugh
  • There were a few but they all seemed to have tragic "accidents"...Lol J/K There is one that I can think of right away, and unfortunately he is a blood relation...that is the only reason he is still alive...
  • My niece raped my 5 year old son and I will never forgive her for it. and my brother and sister knew that it was going on for over a year and they allowed it to continue and still to this day deny that it happened. I will NEVER forgive any of them. It's bad enough it happens to a child but when they allow it to happen to their own nephew...

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