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  • I am sorry to tell you this, but you must get over him. We all care to know what our ex boyfriends or girlfriends so...this does not mean we want to have them back. YOu either accept what he gives you, this little attention, or if it hurts, just walk away from this guy. If you can't accept only his friendship, then you still love him. Or maybe still love him until you love anotehr. If he is a precious person, keep him in your life, things might change in time and you might not resent the fact that he refused your offer to try again. Maybe he is right, maybe you love each other but are not compatible and you two can't really do anything about this. Maybe he is now convinced of your lack of compatibility and even though he still have feelings for you, he does not want to be there with you again. Face it...not all the people who love each other end up in happy marriages. It takes much more than love for a marriage. Good luck.

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