• I have done it once before and it sucks. I would remove the drivers seat (not real hard). It has four bolts holding it down at each corner. I think they are 14mm or 15mm bolt heads. There may be one electrical connector under the seat you have to unplug, depending if you have automatic or manual seat adjustment. Once the seat is out of the way use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the screws holding the door panel on. There should be 3 screws on the left, right, and bottom. The ones on the right are hard to get to with the door closed. The good thing is if you do break one, the extra plastic snap tabs on the inside of the panel hold it on just fine. Some screws may be well hidden. The inner door handle has a small piece to remove (use a small flat head screwdriver for help). Behind it is a door panel bolt. Once you get the screws out of the way, the panes has snap tabs on the back so u have to pry a little starting at the edges. Once the panel is off there is a plastic dust shield, just pull it out of the way. Once it is gone u can see the rod that probably broke off inside the door. Reach in and pull the rod towards the front of the car and the door will open. Going back together is a little easier.

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