• yes, it still works.
  • Yes, and I keep my thumbs from being in the inside of the wheel since I drive off road a lot, or used to and I learned really fast that something nasty can happen to your thumbs if they are wrapped around that wheel:-)
  • Usually..I have fibromyalgia and it kills my back to hold the wheel at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. So I usually start from a different position. Modern cars don't have to spin as far as the ones I learned on, but it still helps you to make a uniform turn.
  • 4-1-2017 It depends on what you are driving. In a passenger car, I prefer to rest my hands in my lap, holding the wheel at the bottom. Driving anything with a wheel bigger than your reach is different. If you try to do hand over hand, you are in danger of slipping. That's why bus and truck drivers use that odd motion keeping hands at the sides of the wheel.
  • No, I just kinda move my feet and legs and hips....
  • open palm, unless its a tricky situation
  • Yes, I can do that. : )
  • Mr Pants isnt big enough to use two hands. :{ !!!!! Oh wait, were you asking about driving? Oh. Mr Pants isnt big enough to do that either.

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