• No you are underage and your boyfriend can be potentially charged with Satutiry rape and taking a minor out of state, and probably some others, also being convicted of any of those charges would brand him a "sex offender" and that makes getting an apartment or job ALOT harder. Since your parents dont support they could easily try and prosecute it too. I would end the realtionship (for him) untill you are 18. or Yo can try and emancipate your self
  • Yes, he can get in trouble. The charge usually filed in Pennsylvania is "corruption of a minor". On an aside, I've been 16 and I've been 20. There is something more than a little off with a 20 year old adult who is attracted to a 16 year old child. Your parents are right in not wanting you to see him. If you were my child, I'd file a restraining order against him on your behalf. I know you don't see it, but this is a very bad situation for you.
  • listen you cant even spell your own state i think you need to not be worrying about you rapist boyfriend tell him to find someone his own age and you need to goto school get an education make something of yourself!!!
  • that story is kind of like my own because i live in pennsylvania, my bf and i are 4 years apart, and our birthdays our three days apart also. but we dont tell people, and i dont think you should either. i understand your situation, and i dont think you should break up. another thing is make sure he isn't using you. i know this wasn't in your question but my friends tell me it seems like my bf is using me and i dont see it that way hope i helped =]
  • The age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16. There are no crimes, at least in regards to sex, that he could be charged with. On the other hand, you're a child, he's an adult, I wouldn't recommend the relationship, but it's your life, not mine.
  • If y'all have sex he can be put on the sex offender database and some states have no procedure for getting off this list which means he would be on it for the rest of his life.
  • At 16, you may think you understand everything there is to know about the world, and that is perfectly normal. Truth is, your parents know more than you do. If they object, you should cool it with the boyfriend for a couple of years. No overnights, no sneaking out. It may seem old fashioned, and it is -- for a reason.
  • your mom dont want you dating him cause its illegal for him to date someone underage, just wait till youre 18 and then you can date him all you want

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