• Yes, it is possible to install Linux on an Xbox. ** Got the info from **
  • Definitely, but it is required that you install a modchip in your xbox (which, if done incorrectly, could irreversibly damage your xbox, leaving it useless and void of all warranties). Most modchips come pre-flashed with a linux bios. The best place for information on modifying an xbox and installing software is available at Information on the most reliable xbox-constructed version of linux, a version of Gentoo named GentooX, is available at
  • yes you have to use a modchip or a gamesave exploit (007 agent under fire or Mech assault) the best information you can get is: they can tell you everything you will ever need to know about putting linux on the xbox. and for more information, just make sure you dont mess up anything
  • Yes however you will need a modchip and you need to check whitch version of xbox you have like if you have 1.0 or 1.1 it should be easy but 1.7 sometimes is a pain!

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