• When you figure that out, would you please let me know?
  • Well the one before my last was because she was a opsycho who had absolutely 0 trust in me which was unjustified I never did anything to make her believe she couldn't trust me she just let her husband's constant cheating on her ;lead her to believe all men were dogs who needed to be kept on a very short leash. As for my last g/f we didn't break up matter of fact we were engaged to be married. She died a little over a month after we got engaged.
  • Because he Cheated!!! That bastard:):)!!!!!
  • Cause I got into the girl friend way.
  • i broke up with my first when i caught her cheating...
  • I am very religious, and he wasn't. We had different thoughts in the physical part of the relationship. Also, I wasn't sure how I felt about him. After breaking up with him he started to cry and asked for the next week if we could get back together. I felt so guilty. Through his persistance I realized that he was a great guy and we've been together for about 5 months now.
  • Cause he was a jerkface.... and I didn't like him anymore.
  • Because she wouldn't let me wear her underware...................on my head!
  • well he said he wasnt in love with me any more, this was last tuesday last wednesday he gave me a letter saying all the reasons he felt like that and that he was making himself miserable and me in the process he has lots of issues psycholgy problems from childhood and he was always to scared to talk to me or ask for help well ask for anything really. we are working through these issues currently so wish me luck! :) my last boyfriend and i brok up due to a strained long distance relationship
  • He ate my cookie without permission!
  • The first one was right after highschool neither of us was mature enough for a relationship. The second was bipolar and did not take his medication, so he went crazy on me for no reason and I could not handle that with everything else in life, and the relationship now is going on three years and it is wonderful!
  • i caught him wearing my underwear.
  • Because she didn't like Saved By The Bell. Like, what the hell?
  • well, yeah, but you're a bit late you know. I could've used the comfort some 7 months ago, now it's luckily not so important anymore :)
  • Is it really your business?
  • I accidently screwed her best friend.
  • she cheated on me.. and was a total slut to go after on of my friends and give him head when he was passed out at a party 2 weeks after breaking up... and tried to make out with my best friend the week after our break up.
  • We really loved each other deeply but we just didnt get along at all at the end, always getting mad at each other... and we didnt have the same opinions about many many things. It took months before we broke up because we were to madly in love and attached to one another. We toughed out all the fights, but at the end it was to much. I was very and still in alot of emotional pain. :(
  • The usual reason. Seeing I recently switched to Progresive insurance, I saved enough to hire The Fortunes to tell my story for me.

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