• Only if you are a Psychic with clear vision and no thoughts in your head, no preconceptions, judgements and limitations. One of my Spiritual teachers in India, was that aware. A mile away from his ashram, I asked someone where Neem Karoli's ashram was, He heard me and was waiting at the gate, when I arrived.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm not that pure, by any means! But I do sometimes perceive that I should call someone or check something and there was a need for it of which I wasn't aware. My sister called to check on me, but she was the one in need of venting and a little counsel. She could use prayers for guidance and clarity. She has a special needs daughter and they all have mental illnesses.
    • Wakko
  • sounds like you did
  • Back in the day, you might have picked up the phone and the party to whom you were calling was already on the other end.

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