• Today I was in a bank that was robbed, the man was shot and killed.
  • Yes. Even with all my medical training I could not get my 13 month old to breathe after landing on her back. I quickly had to resort to hard sternum rubs to get her to come around. After the other paramedics got there, I fell completely apart. The color drained from my face, I started shaking, and felt like I was going to lose consciousness. At least I held it together for her in the beginning, though. Same thing happened with my second daughter, too, except hers was a siezure.
  • Yeah, when I was mugged back in high school. I felt the shock when I was already at home. Talk about delayed reaction.
  • Grief seems to come in waves. You're in shock over something but you just can't handle it all at one time.
  • When you are in a traumatic life or death situation, I think instinct kicks in, and you are motivated by a force much higher and deeper than rationality and emotion. It is about survival, and it is about just doing. Once the action part is over, the intellectual part of the whole scenario sets in -- and the emotions finally have a chance to settle. I guess all you can say is "I feel so grateful that I got through that and can look back on that now as something that is OVER and in the past".
  • I always do that. I can handle the situation, then later I break down. I an truly sorry that you saw that, it breaks my heart. If you need to talk, you know how to get a hold of me. ((((Super big hugs and I am not letting go))))))
  • Yes About 15 years ago I was working the night shift as a Token Booth Clerk for the NYC Transit Authority. It was about 4:45 in the morning and I heard these 3 or 4 loud pops coming from upstairs followed a few seconds later by the appearance of a bloody man crying for help. Those pops were gunshots. Without even thinking I called my station command center to report the incident so police and EMS could be notified and I grabbed a towel I had in my bag and ran out to help him. Later after the initial shock wore off I realized what I did was a very stupid thing. The shooter could have still been lurking around and I could have been shot along with him. The guy btw survived and came by several weeks later to thank me for helping him.
  • Yes i have, I cope brilliantly in a crisis. then when its all over the shock sets in.:-)+
  • Yes about 20 years later.
  • Yes, I usually react like that in times of stress..Afterwards people will say ' but you were so cool and together'..maybe--but I didn't feel that way.
  • My mothers death. Took me eighteen months until it hit me.

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