• That is a big yes!
  • yes and i am.:-)+
  • yes! i hope i don't get a divorce and despise my spouse like my parents do
  • Yes, and I was, completely different.
  • Definately. My mom did okay, but some things she did with my sister and I had long lasting consequences for the two of us. I'm sure I'll make mistakes, but they won't be the ones my mom made.
  • Yes and no. My dad hurt me in ways no dad should to his daughter but my mum has been a tower of strength and I would kill / die for her.
  • No .. It would be an honour for me to be such a good parent like them. They were the best parents I could ave ever had .. I owe them my everything.
  • I try to be. I make a huge effort not to shout and scream as much as my Mum did. I try to laugh more (not difficult because she never did) and above all else, when I tell my boy he is not allowed to do something, I make sure I always tell him the reason why. My mum on other hand, sometimes said 'no' just because she felt like saying it and the reason given would be 'because I say so'.. I also make a lot of effort not to be such a drama-queen about the slightest thing and not to have slanging matches with husband over nothing which deteriorate into name calling and character assignation loaded with spite.
  • For the most part, totally not. My parents have been wonderful... but there are a few minor things that I hope I am not and that I hope my future husband isn't like. My dad has plainly said that the reason that my brother and I are treated differently about our friends, and freedom is because I'm a girl... there is that double standard. Even though I'm fairly capable of taking care of myself, oh yes, even when in the presence of men, my dad still is a bit over protective. Though I know he only has my best interests at heart, it gets rather annoying at times.
  • I totally want to be different than my parents. They hide things from my siblings and I (like the fact that I have a different father - I just found out at 20yo) and they hate each other. I also feel like they didn't try hard enough sometimes.
  • even good parents want their kids to be better than they were... this means your parrents do not want you to be jsut like them.
  • YES multiplied by 100
  • At the core of who they are, I would be honored to be compared to them...generationally, I am a completely different parent and am fine with that as well.
  • Yes. I hope and pray my kids are never too afraid to approach me/ talk to me about anything. I hope they feel not only unconditionally loved but also unconditionally respected.
  • Nope. My parents did a FANTASTIC job...
  • Yes. I've taken the non nurturing parts of my parents and buried them and kept the good. I added my own, good or bad and have four awesome sons.
  • My parents did a good job (giving me the gift of reading, making me fluent in our native language), but there are some things I would change.
  • I do, and I am. They taught me what not to do in all types of realtionships. I love them both, but they are severely damaged people, and you can't support or help anyone else - if you can't help yourself. I will say, that my father gave me the gift and love of reading/writing and fed my imgaination - in the rare moments that he choses to be in my life.
  • Yes, my greatest fear is that I am going to be a horrible mom, and when someone told me I was going to be, it shattered my heart.
  • I would do anything to be different than my mom. I love her and all but she was not the best parent. She wanted to be my best friend and well that isn't what i needed as a child. I got in a lot of trouble as a teen and i needed that parent. She did alot of things that she shouldn't have. She checked out of being a parent when she got a divorce, I had to take care of my little brother, he was basically my child, so was my mom. I will never let my child feel the way i did, he has a good loving home and a stable home at that.
  • I am...somewhat like my dad, nothing like my mom. ! :)
  • yes and i just found out that its a very hard think to do, 'cause its almost unconsciously when you do what they did, vicious cycle man! but i am trying to catch myself on those moments i don't want her to be like me and go what a went thru.
  • Having had my parents makes me not want to be a parent at all.
  • Not really. Our parents were always there for us they gave us great values and they walked their talk. They taught us by actually practicing what they preached and I hope I can do the same for my kids too. though I do hope I am more approachable than than my father was.

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