• You need to get a power converter, but yes.
  • Yes you can buy a laptop in the USA and use it in Europe. In fact, I have done so. Most laptops have built in power converters, so this should NOT be a problem (but check just to make sure since Europe uses 220volt electricity while the USA uses 110 volt). But what you will need is very inexpensive and easy to find plug converter. It will cost about $1 or $2 and will look like this:
  • You should be able to, Most laptop come with 100-250v power supply, you just need an adapter so you can physically plug it in Wireless is wireless, Ethernet is Ethernet, so networking should not be a problem. If you plan to use the modem for dial-up, each area may have different rules so you may need to change your modem's area setting to interface properly. Also remember that unlike USA, you can't always plug into a phone and dial in... In UK at least, the phone has to be enabled for modem use. At a modest fee, of course.

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