• It sort of depends on how active he is in his myspace account -- some people set up an account, then forget about it. If he's on his myspace every day, then maybe there's something fishy about this. His definition of single and your's might be different as well... unless you're married, or cohabiting, many would consider that "single". I would wait until the subject of internet identity comes up... then you are going to have to admit that you googled him and found him "still single" on myspace... make light of it... you can say, "Does that mean I can ask you out on date?"
  • Try to contact him over the internet, based on myspace, using a fake name. Try to seduce him online. If he declines and changes his profile, there's no faul.
  • sure, let him know whats on your mind. You guys have to be open with eachother if you want the relationship to work. But just keep it light. Dont freak out or get mad or anything.
  • He might be just lazy. That's such a little thing to be worried about, seriously. If I was in a relationship right now, I would probably keep my status set as single. I'd much rather know how much he talked about me and what he called me to his friends. A status on the internet is just that.. a status. If it really worries you, talk to him. But I know guys who really like their girlfriends but never changed their status. Hope this helps.
  • This question reminded me of the pina colada song; "Escape" by Rupert Holmes...
  • umm you should just bring it up as a joke thats what my girlfriend did, cause I forgot to change it and she left me a comment saying "so your single huh? well then you should give me a call sometime" that got me to change it...well once I thought about what she was talking could be he just forgot and it may not have anything to do with anything...but I have known people that show their real feelings on their at our school a relationship isn't really over until it says so on myspace and facebook haha
  • hey i have the same problem too ! My boyfriend and I are almost together for two months, and he says he might be inlove with me, but on mypsace, it's still single! i can't stand it, i don't know why. I hate it. It's like he doesn't wanna show people who I am. Sometimes I feel like I'm making a huge thing out of it. I still haven't confronted him because I know he'll be like whatever. And that hurts the most. I really want him to care and these little things mean the most to me. wel i'm thinking i should cuz u never knoww maybe he's cheating or flirting more . cuz when ppl see in a relationship, they dont rly wanna flirt rightt?
  • I am in the same boat. I have been dating a guy for a little over a month. He asked me to be his girlfriend right away. We are both looking the right person in our lives so we can grow togther as a couple. I removed all internet infomration about, closed out all of my accounts. I told him there is no need for me to display a hook and line. If you already have someone you want to have a commited relationship with. We are both busy at all time. He is a medical professinal and is always studying to get a new certification in area, I have been with him in his house when he goes on a study binge. I have left at his house my personal garments with his permission. Every time I go over they are in the same eact spot I left them at. He stil has his account up advertising that he is looking for a wife and long term companion. last time I checked he hadn't been on in over two weeks, I recently looked and he went on again twice this week, I am not worried. because, I look at it as a habit. And it will take time for him to release this sight search he has been single for a while before he met me and I think he just wants to make sure that we are going to work. I will give him another 3 months trust is very important. I am going to wait it out. I suggest you wait it out as well.
  • My x girlfriend and i were in the same situation, she wouldn't change it because she thought the guys she already talked to... would stop talking to her, we broke up, if you are dating some one, that other person should want to paint eachothers name across a bridge with a big heart around it. Those are my thoughts.
  • YES and if you arent his number one friend on his page then you need to dump him.
  • NOOOOOO, who cares, it's myspace and maybe he just doesn't remember to change it. Besides, who uses myspace for serious dating anyways. You'll come off as clingy if you confront him about it. You can mention it casually and ask if he just forgot, but don't freak out about it.
  • Meh, it's just myspace, I don't think it's anything to get pissed about, but I might mention it to him casually if it's really bothering you. He probably just doesn't know that it's set that way.
  • yes..... ask him..... why should you be taken and him not be? NOT RIGHT! Either ask him or change yours.
  • well technically he still is single. He is not married or divorced. So what else can he be?
  • I can relate to this question. He did change it to "in a relationship" then we broke up, and he put "single" then we got back together and he kept it single, I kept mine single because I knew it wasnt going to work anyway and boom, WE're broken up again. Good luck with your situation :)
  • "Confront." is a rather strong word, that implies an attitude to go along with it that might not be well recieved. You could change your approach and "ask." him about it instead and im certain then, that if it was accidental or unintentional, that his attitude in response, will tell the tale all on its own. If you approach someone with understanding and kindness and they bite your head off... You pretty much know where you stand. If you approach them with hostility, that is what you get back no matter what and you end up knowing nothing. Be inquisitive and pro active in your own life issues concerning others... But be smart about it too!
  • The world doesn't revolve around My SPace, so I wouldn't let it get to you. BUT, if it is a relationship breaker for you, then you should talk to him about it.
  • My guy, who I have been dating seriously for almost a year, still states "single." However, he talks to very few people on it. The only way I would worry is if you met him via myspace from reading his "single" status. Also, some people do consider themselves single until they are married. Good luck.
  • i wouldnt bother since he is single

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