• No. It only affects the outer genitalia. And there is no evidence of it affecting a child born to someone with herpes that I know of. There may be some possibility of a child becoming infected at birth, but I don't know of any studies. Anyone else know?
  • Unlike the ads on TV saying herpes cannot be cured because they want to earn more money, it is or can at least be where you never have another outbreak! Go to this web site and learn the answer: Yes, It really does work!
  • Valtrex could treat the herpes outbreak. For more information:
  • Herpes cannot make you sterile. However, it is a skin infection, and there is a small risk of the baby contracting it as it passes through the birth canal during a vaginal delivery. A caesarean section removes that risk. An expectant mother with herpes may also be offered valtrex, an anti-viral, to keep the virus dormant during a vaginal birth. It is rare for the virus to be transmitted to the baby when the mother has had herpes a while. If she has had the virus for more than a few months, she produces maternal antibodies which normally protect the baby from infection. Most cases of neonatal herpes occur when the mother catches genital herpes during the final three months of the pregnancy - before she has produced sufficient antibodies to the virus. Neonatal herpes can also occur after the birth, if a mother gets cold sores (oral herpes) as 70% of new mothers do. She can transmit the virus to a newborn baby by kissing it on the lips. Neonatal herpes does not cause deformities. It is a viral skin infection, a permanent one. A baby who catches herpes during delivery may catch it on the fingers, around the mouth and nose, and on the face. When they grow up, they may continue to get herpes outbreaks in this area - they will look like cold sores because that is what they are - and they may be able to infect other people through contact with these areas of their bodies. Neonatal herpes used to quite often be very severe, before the development of antivirals such as valtrex. The newborn baby's immune system is unable to cope with the virus, and they can get viral encephalitis - swelling of the brain - which is often fatal. Quick treatment with valtrex can now prevent this. Adults with cold sores (oral herpes) can occasionally develop encephalitis from their oral herpes infection, especially when they have immune problems. Recently, a baby died when the mother kissed it and infected it with oral herpes from her cold sore, which resulted in encephalitis. Neonatal herpes is very rare. One in four pregnant women have genital herpes, but neonatal herpes only happens in one in 50000 births. So for every woman with genital herpes that does infect the baby, 12499 other women with herpes don't.
  • It's a minor skin disease like acne with a breakout every few months. It is possible to give the baby eye herpes while extracting it, so you should use valtrex while birthing it.
  • not that i know of

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