• I'm a psychology major and I think that is one of the symptoms for panic disorder.
  • It is a very common symptom of GAD. Because GAD is caused by a run away fight or flight response, involving loads of adrenaline, it causes hyperventilation and this is causes an increase in carbon dioxide levels in the blood which in turn the brain interprets as "I can't breathe!"
  • Yes :)
  • QuitaM Your anxiety disorder IS getting the best of you. It is taking you over. You have been asking questions about symptoms since early april, and you have had all your questions answered numerous times, and have been given links to help resources, but yet you don't seem to want to accept the help that's been given to you. I realize that this is a very scary affliction (believe me, I KNOW), but sooner or later you'll need to just stop researching and relax. You obviously are not able to understand this yet, but if you could just let yourself relax, you'll start to feel better. I was gun ho for your cause at first, answering every question you had , and trying my damdest to re-assure you (as with numerous other people here), but you just wont let it go. If things are THAT bad for you, you should be speaking to a licenced therapist ot psychologist, not people on AB. Good luck to you. I hope you find peace within yourself soon.

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