• myself for not watching her better...
  • Myself..can't blame a kid for getting into stuff..thats what they do :)
  • Myself for not keeping an eye on my child.
  • I'm not mad. Too freaked out to be mad.
  • I'm not mad at all. My reaction would depend on my child's reaction. If he was in there playing with the toys having a high old time I would probably laugh at him while I call the number on the side of the machine. If he was scared I would be calming him down while I called the number on the side of the machine.
  • i guess myself but more than anything i'd laugh...i mean...its kinda funny right?
  • Neither. I just go to the counter, get a few dollars in quarters and try to get him/her out.
  • I'd probably be angry at myself. I'm so bad at that damn crane game, it'd take me like $30 in quarters to get my kid back.
  • Depends on the age of my child... and my level of inattention.
  • First, the store for leaving an opening a child can climb into. Second, myself for my inattention. Third, my child since she didn't ask permission. I would be less angury at the child since I'm sure she hasn't been told not to climb into the Crane Game. She isn't old enough to take that responsibility completely. If she were 6 or so I would hold her more responsible.
  • Myself definitely, because knowing my son and how he was even at 3 I should have known to watch him at all times. If there is mischief to be gotten into, he will be getting into it!!
  • LOL. That's impressive. Not many adults could do that. I think I'd be more worried that they couldn't get out instead of getting mad. Get mad at the friend, she's the one who distracted you. She had it planned the whole time. BTW, did this happen to you?
  • 12StringBabe submitted a link to a related video on this question. It's not the video I saw on the news last night, but is still amusing.
  • Myself for not watching my child. I am the damn parent, it is my job, in a public place to pay attention to my child. Even when speaking to a friend, part of my attention should be on my child. This is my job and responsibility as a parent. The child should be taught not to climb on things that are not ours, again my job.
  • Angry? I'd be thrilled!!! I'd play the crane game all day until I won my child back :P
  • I wouldn't be surpirsed at all, I wouldn't be mad either. I would get my digital camera and tell my 3 year old to say "Cheese", then I would tell her to wait patiently while we figured out how to get her out. I think the reality of being trapped would be pretty scarry after a few minutes, so no punishment necessary. I would be also be grocery shopping on my own for quite a while afterward. Then I would frame the picture and show everyone.
  • I would say you should be mad at yourself for not watching her, she could have easly just walked out the door into the parking lot or someone could have walked her out forever! Speaking of a kid in the claw machine......
  • At first, I'd probably be laughing too hard to blame anyone... of course, it's my fault for not watching the kid closely enough.
  • I would be mad at myself for not watching my child.
  • my self, i would probably pound my head off of the crane game a couple of time. i be pissed that i would have drop 50 bucks to get my baby back.
  • Yourself. It is the parent's responsibility to hold the child or keep the child in the shopping cart child seat. You dont get angry at a toddler for being a toddler.
  • I wouldn't be mad at all. I would just keep an eye out the next time a friend distracts me.
  • myself since i got distracted

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